Just Host Joomla Reviews, Joomla CMS and Website Testing

A good content management system such as Joomla is robust in features, and can be used by anybody to manage content in their site. And the best thing is that it doesn’t require the user to have any technical skills to work with it. Getting started with a Joomla website is as easy as it can get, provided you know how to get started. You can always install it into a remote computer or your PC at home to utilize all the features it has in store for you.

With this CMS, you’ll be able to make and update your web pages easily. Joomla dynamically brings together 3 elements. These are your content which is stored in form of articles, modules or specific content which is also stored in the database, and lastly, your template which controls the design and presentation of your website. So in short, Joomla is the software or application that brings together content and modules to produce the best of the template that you have. There are no more HTLM pages to deal with, link together and upload to the server and you’re done.

The truth is, you can spend a lifetime learning all the aspects of Joomla. But you can always learn the basics to create very attractive and dynamic websites, in a very short period of time. You don’t need any special technical skills to achieve this.

How to install Joomla?

  • You definitely need a working installation of the software.
  • You also need to have an account on a web server to make your site available for people to browse it. This means you have to sign up with a hosting company and purchase a domain name that will be used as your web address.
  • In case you want to test Joomla when you haven’t bought a working domain, you can test with the working installation using a demo. There are many sites that let users create a demo with their Joomla working applications, though most of them will offer 30 day free trial after which you pay.
  • If you already have a host, then you can carry on with your project since hosting companies usually have a one click installation feature which automatically installs the software.
  • Conventional method of installation requires you to copy the zip file onto your hosting account, then unzip, create a database before running the installation. Once this process is complete, you need to set permission for the configuration .php file. It’s usually triple 6.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • This is very important as it lets you know whether or not your computer meets the requirements of the Joomla application you are trying to install.
  • Issues such as configuration.php files not rewritable are common. So in case you encounter this notification, create a completely new or empty text file and save it in configuration.php file. Once you’re done with that, save it in your Joomla directory or root. You can always do this before the installation process can begin. However, if the installation process is going on, wait for the necessary settings to appear, copy and paste them into a new text document. Save as configuration.php.
  • You’ll be prompted to read and accept the terms of use and license. Clicks accept. You will be asked to enter your database details. Don’t enter the .db extension though. You might want to contact your host if you are not sure about your username and password.

Is Justhost Joomla site compatible?

  • We want to check Joomla compatibility and the site performance. Make sure the site isn’t slow, hang or come with any sort of unwanted problems.
  • The new SimpleScripts one click installer includes the latest Joomla version and user can choose to setup into any domain and directory of their choice. We have experienced this, Joomla site can be setup in a few clicks. This is problem free process with easy to follow instruction. This surely is a failed proof installer process and anyone without prior experience can have their first website setup in no time.
  • This Joomla is supporting additional plugin. We have tested some of these extensions and it works well without problem. Currently, there are over 7000 plugin addon available. It is as capable as WordPress blog and we love the flexibility and customization it allowed. User can install new extension and add new features into website.
  • Put up a new template and your site is now looks better. There are thousand of Joomla themes templates available online; some are professional theme with fees. These are ready made design theme and it can instantly convert your website into professional business site.

In this web host review website, we provide real life example. Please visit our Joomla demo here.

Joomla demo

Configuration FTP file where necessary. This feature is used to handle file manipulation as well as Joomla application installers on Unix and Linux OS. However, if you’re operating on a Windows OS, then you don’t need an FTP.

You can enter the desired name of your site, but it can be changed later. In this case, the username for the Super Administrator is Admin. However, the randomly generated passwords can be changed if need be only make sure you write your new password down or you take a mental note of it.

As for the file permission, it’s advisable that you leave it the way it is. Complete the installation process by clicking on Install data sample, and then click next.

The next step involves deleting the directory called installation since it’s in your hard disk. Check your Joomla directory. Lastly, copy the configuration .php into the Joomla directory if asked to do so. At this point, you’ll be ready to log into the admin area.

Joomla software is made up of a series of framework and extensions which are capable of performing certain tasks. You may find some extension preinstalled into the software. However, if you want to add your own features, you’ll need to install more.

To understand this, let’s take the example of Windows or Linux OS. We don’t use the operating systems directly. Rather, we use application extensions to carry out tasks. Some extensions may be immediately available on the system, and they may add or delete additional extensions if need be.

The web is always a security threat. To sites that are not adequately protected, this means that every webmaster should use best security practices to avoid losing data or incurring other losses. For instance, you need a regular and reliable backup process to protect your data in case something happens.

Still on security, you need to always update the latest version of Joomla as well as any third party extensions that may be available. By doing this, you are protecting your site from the latest threats on the web. You also need to buy the services of a high quality web hosting company. Don’t be fooled by their prices, bandwidth offer, disk space and so forth.

There are different types of content management systems today. Joomla and WordPress are the most popular. The main objective is to have you gain total control over your website without having some background knowledge on technical skills needed to manage a website. A content management system like Joomla also lets you gain access to all aspects of the site using one point of entry. This is very convenient especially if you have multiple users uploading content onto your site.

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5 simple ways to speed up your WordPress website

It’s important to understand that a faster WordPress website can help you attract more visitors. With faster WordPress speed, you can also retain your visitors and improve search engine optimization. When you’re using WordPress, a few simple practices can help you speed up your WordPress website. In this post, we’ve discussed some simple tips to make your WordPress faster. These tips are for both non-coders and coders. Thus, they can be used by anyone to improve website speed.

  1. Resize images

It’s worth mentioning that large images can slow down your WordPress website’s page load times. This forces your users to wait. In order to avoid this problem, you should resize the images before uploading them to WordPress. While WordPress allows you to display smaller versions of uploaded images, users’ browsers still need to load the entire image, even when the display size is smaller than the original.

There are numerous image editing applications, such as GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. You can use these applications to resize the images. In case you don’t want to spend on Pro versions, you can even choose from numerous free applications.

  1. Reduce HTTP requests

There are many webmasters who wonder if using text rather than a basic image would help them improve WordPress speed. When you’re poised to upload a basic image, you should think about the number of HTTP requests required to load the post.

It’s important to understand that every person who visits the website needs to download every component of the page, including images, CSS style sheets, scripts and more. Each download sends an HTTP request to your server. Therefore, you should try to reduce the number of HTTP requests by reducing certain elements on your website.

  1. Limit JavaScript

Just like images, scripts are also an important component users need to download. When there are more scripts on your website, it drastically reduces the website’s speed. In case you’re wondering where you might find unnecessary JavaScript, there’s no need to look any further than plug-in.

Most plug-in aim to extend the functionality of your WordPress website without changing anything on the website. However, plug-in often need to use extra script libraries. Due to this, limiting plug-in is considered the best way to limit scripts on your website. While some plug-in are JavaScript heavy, others don’t cause any problems.

  1. Monitor malware

Generally, keeping your WordPress website secure is very simple. However, malware can be sometimes difficult to detect. When there is malware on your WordPress website, it can substantially affect your website’s speed. Moreover, malware can also cause other problems. Therefore, you should run your website through a reputed anti-malware program on a regular basis. This will not only improve your WordPress speed, but also protect you against other threats.

  1. Cache your website

Last but not the least, caching plug-in can also affect your WordPress website speed. It is important to install a plug-in that makes sure your readers don’t have to wait for your WordPress website to load each element of the page bit by bit. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are excellent choices for this purpose.

If you need a new web host for your WordPress or any website, we are recommending this shared hosting plan that come with unlimited storage and multiple domains hosting. This shared hosting is all-in-one solution and it is really fast.

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Justhost uptime, downtime and speed test (hosted website)

Is Justhost uptime and downtime good? Our account and website have been tracked and checked for any problem and failure. With our own real life account, we are able to perform some really amazing tracking and monitoring. We use reliable online tracking service to check our website uptime for all these years. With this review site as the test pig, we are going to see the real life website availability. And our uptime statistic for all these years is 99.871%. This is a really good rating and our site can depend on this availability rate.

Here is our website uptime percentage for the pass five years:

  • 2013 uptime is 99.7%
  • 2012 uptime is 99.8%
  • 2011 uptime is 99.9%
  • 2010 uptime is 99.9%
  • 2009 uptime is 99.9%

Justhost uptime rating

Justhost uptime downtime percentage and what you need to know. Website downtime is bad for business. If the website is always down, the business will lose credibility, money and its customers. It would also drive away potential investors. No one will go back to a website that is always down and unavailable. Most customers find it annoying or irritating when the site goes down in the middle of a transaction or purchase. They would not want to repeat the process all over again, decide to leave and do business instead with the competition.

It is important to have the website always online (or achieve 99.9% website uptime) to ensure customer satisfaction. Bad customer reviews will discourage others from doing business with the company and patronizing its products. It would make the business look unreliable. People would believe that it is unsafe to do business with the company. They are unsure if their payment details and records are secured as it cannot maintain its own website.

Unfortunately, downtime is inevitable. It can be caused by natural calamities like typhoon, hurricanes or fires. These disasters result in power outage and may damage servers. A website can also be inaccessible because of hardware failure, faulty programming, viruses or misuse. Sometimes, it can be planned because of necessary software upgrade and maintenance.

There are two kinds of downtime: hard and soft. A hard downtime can have a website show an error page (http error), dead page (not loading) or malicious content (hacked page). A webmaster or the company should implement security measures to prevent hackers from doing damage to their website. No one wants to see porn on a website that sells products for children. Slow loading times are soft downtime. This is merely poor performance and can easily be fixed. It advised to use programs that measure and monitor website speed.

In case of website downtime or crash, the owner must stay calm. The hosting service and its technical support must be notified immediately of the situation. It is advised to check regularly with the IT team as regards status and other needed information. The owner can also ask for help from trusted nerdy friends or technical services. The customers must also be notified through a message on the website or social media and reassure them that the site is being fixed and will be up in no time. If it’s planned, emails should be sent to customers with the date and duration of the downtime.

Prevent downtime by monitoring website uptime and the domain name, and choosing the best web hosting service. There are numerous services online that check website uptime and send notifications to the client. The owner or business should also buy a DNS backup service. They should renew the domain (if necessary) or keep the current domain registration updated. It is highly recommended to backup database and website files as well. This should be on both the web hosting service and the client’s end. The webmaster must use Google Webmaster Tools or GWT and use the appropriate downtime codes. It is better to use and for a customer to see a 503 http code (service unavailable) instead of a 404 (not found). If the downtime is consistent, it is time to change servers, ask for an upgrade, or replace the existing web hosting service.

Justhost uptime vs. Hostgator uptime and Bluehost uptime; can this budget shared hosting service beat the more expensive opponent from Hostgator.com and Bluehost.com? For unlimited hosting plan, we are paying less than half of what we are paying at Hostgator or Bluehost, and that is a huge different. Since we are having website hosted with all of them, lets compare the actual website uptime and see which one is worth signing up with.

Check this! Justhost Bluehost Hostgator
Our website uptime 99.871% 99.75% 99.96%
Reference Go to Justhost.com Bluehost uptime Hostgator uptime

Actual website test is available in this hosted review site. With our website hosted with them, we can test their website speed performance at anytime we want. From their specification page, we know that they are using the top notch server hardware and the fastest network infrastructure. In term of speed performance, this shared hosting is nothing less and its performance is still impressive.

Justhost speed test 2014: After a few years running this web hosting review site, we are constantly adding new content and put up more useful information. For this year 2014, our website homepage is growing in scale and now it is over twice in size. Will this growth affect the website speed performance? We are using the most popular Pingdom website speed test engine to check on our website performance once again. This time, the website size is 892 KB and took 2.50 second to load complete. This means an average of 356 KB/sec in average load time. Our website is now nearly 4 times larger compare to last year and it only need extra 1.1 second to load the website.

speed test 2014

Justhost speed test 2013: This year, our review website with total page size of 244.8 KB is requiring a total load time of 1.41 second only. This site speed is rated at 86%. This indicates a really fast website speed. For comparison, our iPage speed is much slower at 110 kilobytes per second transfer rate and our Hostgator speed is within 200 kilobytes per second. IPage is bit cheaper but their response is much slower and Hostgator cost twice more but the performance is about ten percent more. With these simple comparisons, we can find out who is the best.

speed test 2013

We are using this website speed score check to verify the site performance. It shows a remarkable score of 75 out of 10. And total page size is now 560.1 kilobytes and it require 1.46 seconds to load all content and media. There are 27 requests and this including image, CSS, HTML, and all required plug-in. What does this report tell us? It simply shows our website speed is now rated at 383 KB/sec. This is much faster compare to last year test and we are impressed by this site analysis.

speed score

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Justhost site builder review & Weebly website builder

Justhost site builder is now using Weebly. If you want to create a functional website from beginning, the quickest way is choose to use the free site builder tool provided by Weebly. This online tool is provided for free and there are 3 packages available:

  1. Free basic package that allows up to 6 page creation with custom HTML, RSS feed, and basic SEO support.
  2. Pro package with extra theme editor, customer theme support, password-protect page. Price start from $8.99 only.
  3. Ecommerce feature may be activated on either Weebly basic or pro version for an additional cost of $2.99 a month. per domain.

Weebly site builder

How useful is this site builder tool? We have an opportunity to test out this free site builder tool, it is available from cPanel control panel directly. The basic package is available for free use and we have tested this option. Just pick the domain in account, and click to activate Weebly apps for this domain. Next, you will get to the Weebly designer page and here you can get to select template, edit page, and later publish the webpage online.

This is an easy-to-use site builder tool and it includes lots of professional features like:

  • Weebly drag-and-drop website builder means no technical knowledge is required to create a powerful, professional website.
  • Over 100 professionally-designed themes to choose from when deciding on the look for your website.
  • Blogs, photo galleries, slide slows, contact form builder, audio & video-capable and more.

They are offering multiple site builder tools. In here, we can find a total of five site builder tools which includes RVsitebuilder, Livesite, Soholaunch, Basicpages and Concret5.


A lot of top web hosting companies are now including mobile website builder tool into their web hosting package. Some of them are offering this at $4 dollars and some at much higher price. Their goMobi website builder membership fee is just $2.99/mo only.

goMobi Site Credits can be applied to any of your domains. You must purchase one credit for each domain you’d like to use goMobi on. Once applied, you will be able to create a magnificent mobile website for your domain.


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Justhost rebate and instant signup cash back $25

We are offering this web hosting rebates because of popular demand and we have some new visitors been asking for more discount and even personal rebate. In order to standardize thing around, we have draft out a newer and better cash rebate program for those signing up for shared, VPS, reseller or server for the first time.


Here are our cash rebate rules and term condition:

  1. This cash rebate program is legitimate for all new customers only. Anyone who has been registered with Justhost.com are not entitled for this program.
  2. This is a “rebate for review” program and meaning you will only be getting this money after submitting your own user review to us here.
  3. We, Topwebhost.space, only pay you in PayPal money when we have verified your signup is valid and according to process flow. Any fault or error during the signup process that result in zero affiliate commission at our side will mean automatically illegitimate for this program.
  4. When you have agree to all 1 & 2 & 3 above, its time to get yourself ready to signup with their web hosting service.
  5. Click to activate our tracking link by clicking here!
  6. Next you will be sent to the official website, at here choose the hosting plan and complete the signup process. Made the necessary bill payment here. Do not close the page, leave the page, click on other people website link, or take other offer price presented to you. Breaking this signup flow will mean zero commission being received at our side and illegitimate for this program.
  7. At this stage, we assume all signup program went out smoothly and they have rewarded us with the affiliate commission.
  8. Next, we will require you to write a simple web hosting review based on your actual hosting experience. You can take your time to write on this, and we prefer not less than 50 words in your user review.
  9. Use the live chat service found in this website, send us a message including your contact info and user review.
  10. We will get back to you the soonest. Once your signup has been verified and legitimate, we will send you the rebate money.

This rebate program is valid for world wide users that signing up for the first time. If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to live chat with our people or leave us an offline message.

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