Just Host Forum Review With phpBB and SMF Forum Script

Whether you are running a very small scale business online or an e-commerce, it is important that you select a web hosting company as the success depends on that. However, since the Internet is saturated with thousands of such web hosting companies, finding a right web host is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

No matter how much you work hard, an inappropriate can always ruin the business for you and you would rather have to close down your operations. Now, you must be wondering about the biggest reason behind the success of large e-commerce companies that is unknown to you! The answer to that question is their hard work and a good web host company that makes sure those companies stay active all the time and increase sales. A web host company is also responsible for marinating a healthy relationship with the existing customers and attracting new ones to your business.

One of the most successful web host companies that have made a difference for aspiring online business entities is Just-Host, which offers a wide spectrum of services that will always meet your requirements. If you are wondering about the range of their services and why to avail them for hosting your website, you should probably take a look into the next sections, which highlight their services and reasons which make this website hosting company one of the best in the market.

Their web hosting products are divided into three main categories:

  1. Website hosting
    Some of the features of this section include domain name registration, site builder templates, e-commerce shopping carts, $100 Google advertising offer, control panel – powered by cPanel and instant setup.
  2. VPS hosting
    The VPS hosting includes features like domain name, enhanced cPanel, root Access, ultra performance, guaranteed server resources, multiple account management and instant provisioning.
  3. cPanel
    Under this category, you will find features like powerful domain manager, single spin on, robust Email management, comprehensive help centre and streamlined interface.

One of the factors that caters to the popularity of their forum site hosting are the four web hosting schemes that has enabled thousands to attain their online business objectives. Currently offering standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. They offer various features under these packages that will meet user requirements depending on their business size and prospects.

Once you register with this company for hosting your website, you can avail some of the unlimited features:

  • Disk storage
  • POP3 secure email support
  • IMAP secure IMAP email support
  • Forwarding email accounts
  • Unlimited GB of site transfer
  • Addon domains
  • Parked domains
  • Subdomains

Besides the features that are mentioned above, there are some more features that contribute to the popularity of their service:

  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Free 1-click installer (WordPress, Drupal, TomatoCart, Magneto, osCommerce, Joomla and Concrete5)
  • Free forum scripts including phpBB and SMF
  • SSL certificate
  • Dedicated IP and secure server
  • Free generated certificate
  • Password protected directories
  • Open PGP or GPG encryption

Why choose this forum hosting? They take pride in offering services that work secretly towards the betterment of your business. Choosing them are the best because they offer outstanding uptime, really affordable websites, integrated customer control panel, simplicity, free script library, 24/7 customer tailored support and the best of all, money back guarantee with all their hosting plans.

So, if you are planning to hire a web hosting company for your website, get a quote and demo from them and make the rightful decision of leaving the technicalities in the hands of experts and concentrate solely on your business.

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Justhost reviews, truthful critics and over 6 years hosted

This Justhost review website is hosted. Whenever we search online for their web hosting reviews or any other verdicts, we will get lots of false claims from unconfirmed source. Probably over 90% of this info are not based on actual experience and the editor who wrote it is not having experience or ever use the products. That is what pioneer our very first hosted web hosting review site and our actual experience helps to revealed lots more secrets about them. We invite existing customers to take part in this program by submitting their own user reviews. In here, we also have a few Justhost coupons for discount and saving. Do not signup yet until you read our full report.

$2.95 special offer

Is Justhost any good? The company has been providing services since 1998 and is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). The group also owns several other web hosting service providers. It has cut a niche for its self as a leader in the world of hosting especially for bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses who can do with inexpensive hosting plans.

The most basic plan do not offer unlimited storage space and sub domains, but customers enjoy unlimited data transfer. If your website is attracting huge traffic and outgrowing the server on which it sits, you can upgrade. There’s a choice of two plans which offer fewer limits, higher resource allotments and numerous other features.

Justhost review on shared hosting. They are now offering 3 shared hosting plans; Basic Starter plan, Plus plan and Business Pro plan. Here’s a look at each of them.

  • Basic plan, which costs $5.99 a month, offers many features including 100 GB storage, 100 email accounts and unlimited data transfers. You also enjoy basic Site Backup and 1year free domain hosting. Due to the limits on storage and email accounts, this plan may not be ideal for large websites.
  • Plus plan costs $9.99 per month and includes additional features such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts and domain hosting.
  • Business Pro plan costs $19.99 per month and gives you all the features in Plus plan as well as free domain registration, free SSL certificate, and Pro Site Backup .This plan comes with a 1-year commitment.

The basic starter hosting plan gives users complete control over their website via cPanel which is the market standard when it comes to website control panel. The layout is simple and clean. You have the option of creating a website using the company’s own website builder or using WordPress, Drupal or other best known content management systems.

The process of creating a website is easy. Once you click on the publish button, your site will be live within a matter of minutes. If you need to use your credit card, you can easily and securely do so over a SSL (secure socket layer). They also offer advertising credits which can help get your site’s name out there.

Justhost review on VPS hosting. For website owners who feel that shared hosting isn’t good enough for their needs, they can choose from one of the four VPS hosting plans that they are offering. These include root access, enhanced control panel, managed services and guaranteed server resources. Prices for this hosting option range between $29.99 and $119 per month with variations in disk space, bandwidth and storage.

Justhost review on dedicated servers. Their dedicated hosting packages start at $119.99 per month and servers can have as high as 1 TB space storage, 16 GB RAM and 15 TB monthly data which are market standards. In fact, the data allotment per month tops data offerings from a handful of web hosting companies.

Unfortunately, the company offers Linux based dedicated servers only so individuals and companies who prefer Windows based servers may want to look at other options. There’s a good side to this fact, you can host as many domains as you’d like, a feature that’s typically available with dedicated hosting space.

Justhost review on data center. The company has a world class data center which sits in Chicago in the U.S and hosts more than 2,000 dedicated servers for shared as well as dedicated clients. It is equipped with high performance processor servers and supplied with UPS power backup generator to ensure the hosting site is secure and reliable. In addition, it uses 10 GB Ethernet connections which provides for fast data transfers.

They claim that the centre is constantly monitored by a team of four technicians .It has also put up an advance monitoring solution which can send automatic alerts to technical specialists about potential problems. This in turn ensures a quick solution.

The web hosting company claims to guarantee 99.9% uptime, just like most web hosting companies out there. They promise to do everything possible so that your website is always available for your readers and customers.

Justhost review on customer support. The web hosting company offers 24/7 phone support but you can also reach the support team via live chat as well as email. It has a help center that features articles to help you with a range of topics such as creating a website, setting up email account, using a secure shell (SSH) access and changing the primary domain. There are also video tutorials that provide a simple way for one to familiarize themselves with various tasks such as managing email accounts, installing WordPress and redirecting web pages.

The company offers SSL and SSH (some of the common forms of website security) in its start hosting plan. It promises its client a secure hosting environment. It claims to use advanced protection against possible threats with the latest software releases and reliable security patches.

Moreover, it backs up its own servers and users can access the backups at anytime should anything go wrong. All you need is to contact the tech support and you’ll have access to them. Customers are also strongly urged to have their backups. On the downside, they do not offer daily sever backups; it offers weekly backups.

Justhost review on money-back guarantee. Like most web hosts, they claim to offer its customers money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the plan or available features, you can cancel your account at anytime and receive a refund for the remaining period on your hosting plan. They also promise to give back all setup fees and domain registration fees.

They strives to meet the hosting needs of different customers and offers great features even for the bargain priced plan. The customer support is also excellent and you have a range of hosting plans to choose from. However, it seems limited than other web hosts offering numerous unlimited features. These are factors one should weigh to determine if this is the right provider for their website and needs.

Justhost reviews on average user rating. Overall user rating is now 4.9 out of 5. In recent years, their products are greatly improved and continuously introducing more upgrades. We have been using their service for many years and besides great products, the quality is superior and with highest rating too. We have experience using their shared and reseller hosting, and we are most impressed by their cPanel shared hosting. This is one of the best cPanel plan and we have compared them with most other top web hosting company products and its clear this is one of the best.

With this web hosting review website hosted with them, we are checking their price, feature and quality in here. The actual experience is helping us to rate them correctly and we know this require some mathematical tool to get this right. We are using the following rating system to give a score to each checking criteria and find its overall rating at the end. Here are our ratings:


Justhost user reviews and customer testimonials.

Some of our website visitor choose to share their web hosting experience and send us their own review. Following are some of the verified customer testimonial that we have received over the years. more

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Justhost ecommerce review with Oscommerce shopping cart

They are considered among the most affordable website hosting services. It offers exceptional hosting packages at reasonable prices. Their ecommerce service provides you with numerous hosting components for to set up and run your ecommerce website. The company provides you with unlimited bandwidth, domains and disk space. This means, you can register unlimited number of domains under your account. Moreover, your websites would not have any data or space transfer limitations. In case you want to start an ecommerce website, this service will be a perfect choice.

Justhost ecommerce features are sufficient. According to customers, this ecommerce offers all the features you want in a web hosting service. For instance, there are website creation tools, which allow you to build an excellent ecommerce website, such as image galleries, message boards and more. Some other useful features offered includes:

  • SSL secure server
  • Oscommerce shopping cart
  • Agora shopping cart
  • Cube cart
  • Zen cart
  • Free generated certificate
  • Password protected directories

In addition to this, they also offer every email option you need to run an efficient ecommerce website, including unlimited IMAP or POP3 email addresses, unlimited storage, webmail and more. You will also have access to forwarding, SMTP email, mailing lists, spam protection, auto-responders, aliases and more.

The service provides you with an excellent control panel. Thus, you can easily manage your ecommerce website from an intuitive and centralized interface. The cPanel control panel provides you with easy access to website statistics. This allows you to see how the website performs and tracks the advertising credits.

In case you know how to code pages on the website, you can benefit from the company advanced features. They can allow you to take a hands on technical approach to website hosting. You can create attractive product pages and custom cron jobs. In addition to this, you can also integrate videos about your products on the site. They support both Flash and JavaScript.

When it comes to server success, they provide you with the option to create unlimited FTP accounts. This allows your employees to access the website. It can also help you keep up with the rapid and unpredictable growth most ecommerce websites experience. The company also offers secure shell access. This is a network protocol, which allows data to be exchanged with a secure channel .In simple terms, it is a safe and secure way to remotely connect to another computer.

Since ecommerce website hosting is complicated and technical, it comes with a slight learning curve. According to most customers, using Justhost.com is seamless. In fact, it is easier than most web-hosting services available in the market. With the site builder tool, you can build an exceptional ecommerce website. Moreover, you also enjoy excellent hosting capabilities. The ease of use is mainly due to the control panel. It provides you with easy access to all the features. The company official website is also very easy to navigate.

The best part about the company is that it offers excellent customer support. You can contact the company representatives through different communication channels, including email, live chat and phone. When you experience a problem, you can contact the customer care representatives to get everything answered promptly. In fact, the staff members even give prompt solutions during peak hours.

The chat and email options are also very responsive. You will always receive informative and immediate answers to all the questions. This is extremely important for ecommerce websites. When you experience a problem with the website, they will always be available to offer immediate help.

Besides one-on-one support from the company, you also receive multiple support sources, including video tutorials, knowledge base, user forums and more. It is worth mentioning that this ecommerce is one of the few services that offer a getting started wizard. This wizard is very useful for beginners and new users. It helps you understand every aspect of the service. With the wizard, you can easily understand how to create and set up your ecommerce website.

Get free wildcard SSL certificate here and they have been offering cheap SSL cert for many years and we have checked on them before. For this year 2014, they make it even better and start offering free SSL certificate for enterprise user that require wildcard SSL to protect all 1st level subdomains. This security product come with free $10,000 insurance and you can safely use this encryption technology on your website.

Private SSL promotion

It is important to understand that they are a relatively new service provider. However, the company has still managed to offer exceptional services at reasonable prices. The company responsive and stellar customer support with exceptional hosting packages have allowed it to build a strong reputation in the market.

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Is Justhost reseller hosting worth signup?

Why choose Justhost reseller plan? At some point, webmaster found a good web host and them want to become a reseller and become and agent to sell the product or services with a small profit. To those that found this hosting and get amazed by their service, this reseller plan is the best choice and tick every boxes. In another hand VPS plan does not allow these and there is strictly no reselling of the service or space available in your account.

Justhost reseller web hosting is the best. Anyone who wish to become a resellers can signup for this plan for as low as $19.95 a month and offer their own services with it. This solution now comes in three simple packages as following:

  1. Reseller silver plan from $19.95 a month.
  2. Reseller gold plan from $49.95 a month.
  3. Reseller platinum plan from $89.95 a month.

reseller plans

The silver reseller plan includes 100 GB storage space and 15 Mbps transfer speed. This plan allows unlimited accounts and this mean you can resells to more customers. This basic plan includes automated billing, WHM admin control panel and cPanel customer control panel. When this silver plan is insufficient, there is gold plan with 250 GB storage and platinum plan with 500 GB storage. In comparison, their reseller plans are the most complete and come with all necessary software tools and features. There is no missing hardware from the toolbox either.

Here are the general features and specification found in reseller hosting plan:

  • Unlimited accounts and hosted domains.
  • Unlimited email, MySQL datatabase, FTP accounts.
  • Free WHM administrator control panel.
  • Free cPanel user control panel.
  • Free automated billing system.
  • Free site builder software and website templates.
  • Free private nameservers.

They have three reseller plans available right now and all of them are protected by money-back guarantee. There is no time frame set for this and user can choose to cancel their account at anytime and ask for money refund for the remaining term.

All their reselling plans include free WHM control panel and this is the master interface. In here, account owner can configure their reselling plans, create new package to sell, add new customers, and even reboot server. This is the common kind of control panel found in VPS and dedicated server. It is user-friendly, easy to use, and perfect for managing master account.

WHM control panel

Lets compare them with other top web hosts for example:

  1. Hostgator reseller hosting $24.95 is with only 50 GB storage.
  2. Site5 reseller hosting $23.95 is with 50 GB storage as well.

In real life comparison, we can see this plans are more affordable and offer with more features too. Their specification list is one of the most complete and comes with tons of free addon without any hidden cost. This is what we love about their plan. And finally, we want to highlight on their anytime money-back guarantee that is protecting your initial signup.

reseller features

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Justhost dedicated server review 2015 and refund policy

They are well-known for offering top Linux-hosting service. Recently however, they added dedicated hosting to their service offerings. Established in 2008 by a group of IT professionals focusing on UK companies called Just Develop It, they continue to make efforts on improving and also innovating to offer better web experience. It is well known for offering affordable VPS service, shared-hosting as well as dedicated server products. Read our investigative dedicated server review to learn more about these guys.

Why choose Justhost dedicated servers? This is one of the most feature rich servers you can find in the industry and it also has lots of guaranteed resources that customers may use to create not only powerful but also solid online presence. The standard plan, for instance, offers 4 GB RAM, 2×2.0 GHz CPU, free domain, 3 IPs, 5 TB bandwidth and 500 GB of storage.

It also offers instant provisioning, enhanced caching as well as improved cPanel, all of the features that make it customers’ websites. Additionally, with cPanel, customers will be able to increase their available spaces for storage without needing admin intervention. Also, it still manages to give clients total access to CentOS, which gives them more control of their servers. With each dedicated server plan, users can upgrade for higher performance SAN storage from just 500 GB to 2 TB.

Their dedicated hosting has a robust support system which offers rapid assistance to customers through telephone. As a customer, you can rest easy knowing that all your queries will be attended to at any time that you call. Also, the company offers community resources like video tutorials and knowledgebase to enable customers learn more with regard to dedicated servers.

Their dedicated hosting offers cutting edge technologies so as to ensure the very top level service. Its dedicated servers are totally custom built running dual core and have Intel Xeon processors as well as CentOS operating system. All these factors combine to give users fastest as well as most reliable operation. All in all, dedicated server has great performance for just about any type of business.

The company promises a server uptime of 99.9% as well as a very fast webpage loading through leveraging power of their quality servers as well as advanced technologies like enhanced caching with own RAM and disk mirroring with RAID-1. Additionally, they make use of same data centers that Bluehost, a respected leader in the web hosting world, uses.

Their dedicated server offers three packages namely standard, enhanced and lastly premium. The normal price for these packages used to be $149.99, $199.99 and $249.99 a month but now you can buy the packages from $74.99, $99.99, and $124.99 a month. If you want to save further on the packages, try annual service term and you could well get a discount of up to 20%.

The company offers what it calls anytime money-back guarantee meaning that should you not be satisfied with their services, you can cancel your account anytime you feel like and be refunded your money for the remaining hosting term. You won’t be asked any question.

Justhost dedicated server pros:

  • Affordable plans.
    The company offers a whole range of plans ranging from shared all the way to dedicated server hosting and these come at highly affordable prices.
  • Anytime refund policy.
    This is one of the highlights of the company as far as benefits are concerned. You will be given full refund if you cancel your registration within a period of 30 days. Anytime after 30 days, you will get prorated refund.

Justhost dedicated server cons:

  • No guarantee on uptime.
    They offer no uptime guarantee. Also, it does not promise any refund for the downtime that you may experience in the course of using their servers.

This dedicated hosting is with instant provisioning which means instant account setup and no waiting is required. Server management tools are provided free and even permit root server access. These servers are further enhanced with mirror storage and memory caching to boost performance and make it even faster. Their most basic server setup now uses dual core Intel Xeon processor and price start from $149.99 each month. It uses Centos 64-bits operating system and cPanel server management.

Justhost dedicated server half price promo

This dedicated server is among the best as well as cheapest providers in web-host industry. It offers a host of useful features and is not only fast but also reliable. They also have money back guarantee allowing you to get back your money should you feel that their services don’t meet your expectations. We highly recommend you to try this dedicated server to host your ecommerce website or even a personal website.

In conclusion, I would like to say they are a great choice that offers a whole range of affordable solutions and it also comes with money back guarantee that you can get any time you cancel the package.

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