Justhost SEO reviews and things to know about SEO ranking factors

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors discussed these days by the web developers as it helps in improving the rank of a website on a search engine like yahoo or Google etc. Proper implementation of SEO helps search engines to understand your website and determining its rank on search engine results.

There are several SEO ranking factors that help in accomplishing this task effectively.

What is SEO ranking?

SEO ranking is the place of a website on the search engine results that appear when an internet surfer wants to search on some particular topic. It helps your customers to search about your business and products sold by you. Furthermore it motivates your customers to find you which is better for a business instead of searching customers yourself for improving your business. There are various SEO ranking factors which help in optimizing the rank of a website on search results. Some of the main factors that can considerably affect the ranking of your website on search engines are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Content is king

It has rightly been said that content is the king of SEO ranking factors. Both selection of words and length of the text used in the content of a website help in increasing the rank of a website on search engine results. According to various experts while creating the content for a website the webmasters should include meaningful words and relevant terms to the topic in it. They should also use multiple types of media in their content to make it easily accessible. But they should avoid using confusing on page advertisement techniques as it can distract your visitors. In fact with the evolution of search strategies the content of a website is becoming more and more important for its success.

On page SEO and optimization

Important SEO ranking factors also include on page SEO as the way you optimize your web page it affects the ranking of your website. The on page SEO that helps in improving the visibility of your website on search results depends upon various factors including:

  1. Title tag with relevant keyword.
  2. Keyword in description.
  3. H1 tag with keyword.
  4. Use of keywords in the copies of the page.
  5. Length of the content.
  6. Originality of the content.
  7. Canonical tag to support the relevance of your URL.
  8. Image optimization.
  9. Update of content.
  10. Outbound links.
  11. Inbound links.

Website speed and load time

This factor has an important place among SEO ranking factors as according to various researches slow websites usually fail to satisfy their customers. Net surfers can easily be converted into real customers by increasing the speed and loading time of a website. Webmasters can reduce the coding errors and multi media elements from their websites to improve their speed. They can also use various tools available online to improve the loading time and speed of their website.

This Justhost.com speed rating has been tested and we know they are truly fast. If you need a budget cPanel host that is fast, this is the one to consider.

Social bookmark and social signal

Social signals and social bookmarks are among the important SEO ranking factors as they help in measure the popularity of your website on social media. Search engines like Google considers the likes, tweets and shares received by a website while determining its rank on its search results.

Back links to your website

Back links are one of the most important SEO ranking factors as the links of your website with other websites can automatically improve the rank of your website on search results. They will attract more visitors to your website from other websites having back links with your website. Search engines consider these links as recommendations for your website received from other websites. It is also a proven fact that links with famous websites are much better then with the blogs that are rarely read. On the hand back links with popular and diverse websites help in developing authoritative links which can be beneficial for the success of your business.

Thus these important SEO ranking factors can improve the rank of your website on search engine results whenever a net surfer searches for the products and services provided by it. Proper implementation of these factors is also important to get better results in this regard. So you should be careful while using these factors for improving the rank of your website on search engines.

Is Justhost SEO friendly?

Real proof speak better than thousand words. With our actual website hosted with them, it is able to rank very well in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. You can try to search for this article and website online and you can see our actual site ranking. This mean their SEO rating is good and we are not worrying about site penalty or blacklisted server etc.

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Justhost VPS hosting & why upgrade this?

Generally, it is worth considering switching from shared to virtual private server. This may be a wonderful solution in case your organization is thinking about taking advantage of cloud storage. “VPS” is an acronym that stands for the phrase “virtual private server” which is a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet-hosting service. It runs own copy of an operating system and clients have super user level access.

Why choose Justhost VPS hosting?

Besides their instant account provisioning, we love their price too. They purposely built 4 different packages and most basic one start from $29.99. With their introductory discount, the price is cut half and we only pay $14.99 for first month. In price and feature comparison, this is better compare to the following:

  1. Hostgator VPS basic plan is only with 512 MB.
  2. Webhostingbuzz VPS basic plan is with only 512 MB.
  3. IPage VPS basic plan is only with 1 GB memory.


Justhost VPS hosting feature review.

They provide four different types of website-hosting, and these include VPS, shared, dedicated and cloud server. Depending upon the needs of the business, any of these plans can be used.

Given below are some of the main features:

  1. Cloud technology.
    They make use of the cloud technology for building their solutions.
  2. Enhanced control panel.
    The control panel is quite enhanced, and gives greater administrative features to the users. It is completely user-friendly, and is also quite easy to manage.
  3. Access to root.
    They provide full access to the root, which means more control on the server. So, one would be able to do all kinds of configuration changes, and can even make modifications to the OS kernel.
  4. Guaranteed high performance servers.
    The servers are available throughout, because of the KVM hyper visor virtualization.
  5. Instant provisioning.
    It will be deployed soon after the order is placed.
  6. Management of multiple accounts.
    Only one login is required for managing all the accounts. And, one only needs to sign in once, for getting access to the various cPanel hosting services.
  7. High speed.
    They ensure that the speed is unprecedented.
  8. Money back guarantee.
    In case of cancellation of the account, the money will be refunded back.
  9. Excellent customer support throughout the day and night.
    With a dedicated in house team for providing the customer service, one can contact them over the phone or mail, at any point of time.

Justhost VPS hosting pros:

  1. The servers are Windows and Linux based, so the hosting can be useful for both the systems.
  2. The website builder is quite easy to use and is for free. One can use the drag and drop feature for building the site, which has more than 1000 templates and themes.
  3. Customer support is excellent, and is available 24/7.
  4. Unlimited hosting of the domain.
  5. There are no hidden terms and conditions.
  6. The pricing models are quite simple and are not at all confusing. No set up fees is charged.
  7. Downtime is quite low, and the website can be available almost 100% of the time.
  8. Support to the WordPress blogs, which is the most popular blogging solution.
  9. Support the open-source apps, with which, one can have many application installed.
  10. Support e-commerce applications.

Justhost VPS hosting cons:

  1. It is difficult to import the WordPress blogs, which already exist.
  2. The signup period is about 3 years, which is quite lengthy. But, with the money back guarantee, one can cancel the order within a month, if the service does not meet the quality.
  3. During the registration, there is a frequent up selling.
  4. Too much of customizing of cPanel, makes it a little messy and unfriendly.
  5. The information about dedicated hosting is hidden in the site.

Even though, they do not have all the elegant features, they are a fantastic web host, and provide a perfect balance between price and usability. They offer reliable solutions, with a wonderful customer support. The cloud-hosting environment is reliable and secured, and provides the most affordable solutions. While all other hosting packages focus on the small scale businesses, they can manage the complicated and business critical sites and applications, as well.

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How to choose the right VPS hosting and things to consider?

This VPS is a virtual machine offered by an internet-hosting service and is dedicated for the needs of an individual. A surrounding in which clients are on a shared server can be much confusing and may become unstable as a result of your needs for increasing resources becoming apparent. It guarantees you that your server will always remain stable and dedicated to your personal needs. There are various factors to consider before choosing a new plan.

  1. Service uptime

First of all, it is worth considering the server uptime guarantee. Typically, they will offer uptime guarantees that is extremely high. Avoid settling for anything that is less than 99.95%. It is also very important to consider price when choosing. Remember that there are three major types available; managed, unmetered and unmanaged plans.

  1. Server security

In addition to that, security is also another important factor to put into consideration. It should always be a top priority and includes proper security checks. Also check to see if your service provider offers 24 hours, seven days a week monitoring.

  1. Technical support

It is also important to consider the technical or customer support provided. It is necessary to know that you will actually be able to access customer support so as to receive technical troubleshooting irrespective of the time. You may see the kind of medium support provided through phone, email, and chat among many other communication channels.

  1. Type of software platform

Basically, Linux and Windows are the two most popular server operating system available. Since it is an open-source software, Linux is cheaper compared to Windows. To add on that, a Linux-based hosting is also friendly to user and supports various applications. It is thus a better choice in many cases. But it is important to note that there are still some applications which are not supported by Linux but Windows support them better. Therefore, in case you have an intention of installing or using any of these such as ASP.NET among others, consider using Windows-based solution instead.

  1. Hardware performance

The configuration of your server plays a very crucial role in the speed and performance of your site. It is thus essential that you consider the capacity of processor you will receive, the amount of Random Access Memory you will be allocated as well as the amount of your share in the disk size. It is also essential that you find out about the quality of the physical machine your server is created on. Ensure that is of high capacity and reputed brand since a week foundation cannot support a strong construction. Furthermore, you should consider scalability and redundancy. Basically, redundancy refers to having a backup resource in place more so at the data center.

  1. Backup

In case there is failure of regular power supply, UPS systems and generators should be readily available; there should be some other alternative arrangement in case the services of the ISP are interrupted, the other standby server should be there in case one server is overloaded. On the other hand, scalability indicates the ability deal with occasional, sudden increased loads on the VPS usually by using the redundant resources in the system. A combination of scalability and redundancy translates to a higher up time and performance that is consistent. Always remember that choosing a virtual private server hosting plan is not a decision that you should make with too much hurry. Take your time and keenly consider affordability, guaranteed up time, security and availability of customer support when making your decision.

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Justhost domain names, price, transfer, and domain manager tools

Justhost domain manager tool is easy to use. Our requirement is very specific and always looks for web host that offers most features and best quality; this is the one that totally impresses us. They are now adding in the all new domain manager into the existing cPanel control panel. All our registered domains and websites can be managed from this domain management tool and it works perfectly well without error. In here, we get to add new domain, manage existing, add domain protection etc.

To manage your domain, click on the individual name and it will bring up the record. It is instant management and there is no need for domain login or password. In simple, we get to view the domain expiry date, quick information, contact info, and we can edit any of these field from here.

domain manager

Justhost domain renewal cost. Unlike other web hosts that simply increase their registration cost year after year, they are quit constant with their domain pricing and always give us a low price. For example, we can get new dot com domains for as low as $14.99 per year. The dot me extension is much cheaper and priced at $11.99 only.

Justhost addon domain and host unlimited domains. First go to domain manager and choose the “Assign a domain to your cPanel account”. The process is very simple, you start with adding new domains into your account and this process is called assigning domains.

Select a domain name that you would like to assign:

  1. Use a domain name that is already associated with your account.
  2. Use a domain name that is not already associated with your account.

Next step is ownership verification and confirm you own the domain names. Later choose the type of addon that you want to locate this new domain name:

  1. Addon domain
    An addon domain is a domain name that points to a different subdirectory on your account. This gives you the ability to make it look like an entirely different website.
  2. Parked domain
    A parked domain (or pointed domain) is a domain name that points to the same directory as your primary domain. This means that the website of the parked domain will be the same as bloghostingfree.com which is your primary domain.
  3. Unassigned domain
    An unassigned domain is attached to your account, but does not point to a website or have a dedicated folder attached. When you are ready to host this domain name on your account, this tool can help you make it an addon or parked domain name. This is useful for domain names that your customers own but you are not yet ready to assign. WHM can also create accounts from these domain names.

Finally, choose where you want to host the web files for this domain. Please specify a directory you would like the Addon to point to:

  1. Use an existing directory.
  2. Create a new directory

Complete the process to this point and a new website shall be successfully added to your cPanel account as a new website.

Justhost domain transfer is optional and its simple. This domain transfer process is optional and not necessary. If all you want it to transfer from old web host to here and want your website up running, this process is not necessary. All you need is change the domain DNS field and stop at there. This domain transfer is only necessary if you want to change the management to Justhost.com and use them as the winning registrar. When you want to do this, simple get to domain transfer page.

Here are some quick info that you need to know before start transferring domains.

Note: Registrar transfers are free. Your domain name must already be registered with another registrar in order to begin. Justhost.com does not charge any extra fees when transferring your domain name to us from your old host. However, ICANN requires a one year extension to your domain name when it is transferred to a new host. With this extension or renewal of your domain name we charge the typical renewal fee. The time from now until your current expiration date will be transferred for free so you will not lose anything you have already paid for.

Once a transfer is started you cannot make any changes to the whois information. No contact changes. No Nameserver changes. You must wait until the transfer completes. Transfers can take approximately 7 days if the other registrar takes no action to approve or deny the transfer request.

Warning: Some registrars will lock the domain name when it approaches close to the expiration date. This prevents the domain name from being able to be transferred away from them. Since you do not lose anything by transferring, the sooner you transfer, the better chance you have of completing the transfer and the safer your domain name will be. You do not gain any more registration time by waiting anyway.

We only accept .com, .co, .org, .net, .us, .info, .biz, .cc, .tv, and .me extensions at this time.

How to transfer website to Justhost hosting service? In above we provide a quick guide for domain transfer, later we are going to tell you how to transfer your existing website content over. What you need to do now is gain access to FTP server, the login info is the same as your cPanel login information; use the same password and username.

Once you are able to login to FTP server, this is where you should upload all files to “public_html” folder and this is the path for the primary domain. If you are using subdomains, choose the correct directory path for it, and upload all your web files here.

Justhost domain privacy and WHOIS protection

Domain privacy helps to protect your personal information on the web. ICANN requires you to keep the contact information associated with your domain name accurate, and the WHOIS database is publicly viewable. It is easy for spammers to obtain your personal contact information if it is not protected. Domain privacy service as a shield. Instead of showing your personal contact information in the public whois database, the database will show contact information for the privacy service. This allows you to keep your information accurate and up-to-date for ICANN purposes, but invisible to and protected from the public.

Domain privacy protects you from:

  • Spam and other unsolicited email.
  • Unwanted phone calls and postal mail.
  • Identity theft.
  • Fraudulent domain transfers.
  • and much more.

Domain privacy protects your personal information for an entire year for just $7.99 – save $3.89. This price is available only for new purchases and is valid for the initial term only, and not for successive or renewal periods.

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Justhost Joomla reviews, Joomla CMS and website testing

A good content management system such as Joomla is robust in features, and can be used by anybody to manage content in their site. And the best thing is that it doesn’t require the user to have any technical skills to work with it. Getting started with a Joomla website is as easy as it can get, provided you know how to get started. You can always install it into a remote computer or your PC at home to utilize all the features it has in store for you.

With this CMS, you’ll be able to make and update your web pages easily. Joomla dynamically brings together 3 elements. These are your content which is stored in form of articles, modules or specific content which is also stored in the database, and lastly, your template which controls the design and presentation of your website. So in short, Joomla is the software or application that brings together content and modules to produce the best of the template that you have. There are no more HTLM pages to deal with, link together and upload to the server and you’re done.

The truth is, you can spend a lifetime learning all the aspects of Joomla. But you can always learn the basics to create very attractive and dynamic websites, in a very short period of time. You don’t need any special technical skills to achieve this.

How to install Joomla?

You definitely need a working installation of the software. You also need to have an account on a web server to make your site available for people to browse it. This means you have to sign up with a hosting company and purchase a domain name that will be used as your web address.

In case you want to test Joomla when you haven’t bought a working domain, you can test with the working installation using a demo. There are many sites that let users create a demo with their Joomla working applications, though most of them will offer 30 day free trial after which you pay.

If you already have a host, then you can carry on with your project since hosting companies usually have a one click installation feature which automatically installs the software. Conventional method of installation requires you to copy the zip file onto your hosting account, then unzip, create a database before running the installation. Once this process is complete, you need to set permission for the configuration .php file. It’s usually triple 6. Choose your preferred language.

This is very important as it lets you know whether or not your computer meets the requirements of the Joomla application you are trying to install.

Issues such as configuration.php files not rewritable are common. So in case you encounter this notification, create a completely new or empty text file and save it in configuration.php file. Once you’re done with that, save it in your Joomla directory or root. You can always do this before the installation process can begin. However, if the installation process is going on, wait for the necessary settings to appear, copy and paste them into a new text document. Save as configuration.php.

You’ll be prompted to read and accept the terms of use and license. Clicks accept. You will be asked to enter your database details. Don’t enter the .db extension though. You might want to contact your host if you are not sure about your username and password.

Is Justhost Joomla site compatible?

We want to check Joomla compatibility and the site performance. Make sure the site isn’t slow, hang or come with any sort of unwanted problems.

The new SimpleScripts one click installer includes the latest Joomla version and user can choose to setup into any domain and directory of their choice. We have experienced this, Joomla site can be setup in a few clicks. This is problem free process with easy to follow instruction. This surely is a failed proof installer process and anyone without prior experience can have their first website setup in no time.

This Joomla is supporting additional plugin. We have tested some of these extensions and it works well without problem. Currently, there are over 7000 plugin addon available. It is as capable as WordPress blog and we love the flexibility and customization it allowed. User can install new extension and add new features into website.

Put up a new template and your site is now looks better. There are thousand of Joomla themes templates available online; some are professional theme with fees. These are ready made design theme and it can instantly convert your website into professional business site.

Justhost Joomla demo site

In this web host review website, we provide real life example. Please visit our Joomla demo here.


Configuration FTP file where necessary

This feature is used to handle file manipulation as well as Joomla application installers on Unix and Linux OS. However, if you’re operating on a Windows OS, then you don’t need an FTP.

You can enter the desired name of your site, but it can be changed later. In this case, the username for the Super Administrator is Admin. However, the randomly generated passwords can be changed if need be only make sure you write your new password down or you take a mental note of it.

As for the file permission, it’s advisable that you leave it the way it is. Complete the installation process by clicking on Install data sample, and then click next.

The next step involves deleting the directory called installation since it’s in your hard disk. Check your Joomla directory. Lastly, copy the configuration .php into the Joomla directory if asked to do so. At this point, you’ll be ready to log into the admin area.

Joomla software is made up of a series of framework and extensions which are capable of performing certain tasks. You may find some extension preinstalled into the software. However, if you want to add your own features, you’ll need to install more.

To understand this, let’s take the example of Windows or Linux OS. We don’t use the operating systems directly. Rather, we use application extensions to carry out tasks. Some extensions may be immediately available on the system, and they may add or delete additional extensions if need be.

The web is always a security threat. To sites that are not adequately protected, this means that every webmaster should use best security practices to avoid losing data or incurring other losses. For instance, you need a regular and reliable backup process to protect your data in case something happens.

Still on security, you need to always update the latest version of Joomla as well as any third party extensions that may be available. By doing this, you are protecting your site from the latest threats on the web. You also need to buy the services of a high quality web hosting company. Don’t be fooled by their prices, bandwidth offer, disk space and so forth.

There are different types of content management systems today. Joomla and WordPress are the most popular. The main objective is to have you gain total control over your website without having some background knowledge on technical skills needed to manage a website. A content management system like Joomla also lets you gain access to all aspects of the site using one point of entry. This is very convenient especially if you have multiple users uploading content onto your site.

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