Justhost video streaming and playback test

Justhost video streaming feature review

From their shared hosting features, it did mentioned multimedia support and user can stream video and audio from their website.

In this review site, we are going to test this multimedia feature and going to check their video playback quality. We have now uploaded a new video file into our shared server, and provide direct playback via WordPress plug-in. We choose to use the integrated flash player plug-in and it works great in most web browser.

Justhost video streaming features

Justhost video streaming real demo

Following is our production; click the media player below to start viewing.

Hosting your video with online video sharing website?

Creating this type of site is not cheap and it requires much more server resources and bandwidth. For this to work, we highly recommend a medium scale VPS hosting if your budget permit. Inside here, you can setup your video sharing scripts or even using the open source apps to create the website. The most popular choice now is PHPMotion the free video script and available for download at their official website.

Video sharing is something that can help in providing the better perspective for marketing. There are chances for the various businesses to convey the thing that they want to in the most effective way. There is possibility for even individuals to make use of this for promoting and advertising something that is relevant to their field or something that they have in their hand. There are so many benefits that you get over other way of promotions with the usage of video sharing. If you come to know about the benefits related with that there are chances for you to use them in appropriate way.

Videos allow customers to spend more time

When you are sharing a video, it increases the chances for the promotion media to reach more people. The videos are effective as well as engaging which make the individuals to watch that for more time and this is much visible through the number of views that the videos that are shared through YouTube are getting. There are chances for the same video to be watched more than once by the prospective customers which is a great way for imprinting the details of the services of products that are related with the company.

Videos can help your level of competition

Make use of video as a trick for improving the engagement of businesses by including the videos in various emails so that the open rates can be increased. Videos can also help in increasing the click through rates also in substantial manner. If there is a video in the landing page, it can help in increasing the conversion rate. Most of the senior marketing executives are using the online video contents in marketing programs to about 70 percentages. There is possibility for making the customers get engaged well through sharing of videos.

Easy to search

About 70 percentage of the top 100 search listing comprises of videos. There are chances for the customers to search for the services and products on web. When they are searching there is possibility for providing them with better and effective results if you are sharing videos related with the services as well as products that are related with your company. This can substantially increase the chances of getting conversions. Videos can help the individuals for getting their product get better promotion than any other method that is available.

Videos can be shared frequently and easily

There is possibility for you to share videos much easily and also much frequently than anyone. Video sharing can be considered as a major part of the social networking sites. Social networking sites have got much important influence on the lives of most of the individuals. There is possibility for you to share your service and product in a way that is full of fun and in shareable format. There is possibility for the individuals to get better kind of exposure for the products and also services. It can help any company to make the kind of impact that can be made.

Video can be mobile

Video is a media that is mobile and it is something that can help in providing about 50 percentage of the mobile traffic and also provides 69 percentage of the traffic of certain networks. This mobile marketing media has made many businesses to be successful which has resulted in influencing the decision of many other marketers. Mobile video Ads that come to about 30 seconds can have completion rate of 88.3 percentages. There is possibility for the company to depend on video sharing as the major form of promotional method.

Possibility to analyze the behaviors of viewer

Most of the video hosting websites like YouTube which provides you the platform for sharing videos allows the companies to get data about the way the viewers behave when they interact with the video that you have shared on them. Knowing the behavior of the customers or viewers can be of greater help for you in determining the way the customer keep on behaving so that there is possibility for providing a better kind of advertisement. It can help you in determining the potential customers so that you can organize a campaign focusing only on these viewers whom you think are the prospective customers of your company. It can really help you in having better kind of promotional methods that can provide with fast and also effective outcomes than any other method of promotion. There are chances for the companies to limit the advertising costs to when they start narrowing the promotional mechanisms only among the customers who are effective in various aspects.

The shared videos are the best marketing strategy that is available online as it can increase the possibility of conversions which is what is the requirement of any company that is trying to promote itself over web. Videos are engaging and can attract many people than the other methods of advertisements. There is possibility for the individuals to make use of this method for increasing the chances for better conversions. Videos can also provide a better view of the services and products. The description and also the message that the companies need to convey to the customers can be done in the best way through videos through which thus can be the best tool used by companies for reaching their customers.

Software developers try to find new methods for integrating sites so that the video messages can be shared much easily. There is possibility for the videos to be shared much effectively and efficiently through the social networking sites. This is the effective method that is available for promoting the company and the services or products that are related with them.

Most of the search engines have started giving much priority to the contents that are associated with the videos. There is possibility for the individuals to use videos for getting their contents get better identification and this top ranking with various search engines. That is one of the reason why we start adding video content into our review site here and try to provide more video tutorial to user.

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Justhost Drupal reviews and Drupal 7 demo

Is Justhost suitable for hosting Drupal CMS website?

This is one of the top 10 questions we received from site visitors. Since Drupal is one of the most popular content management system and its available for free, the popularity is huge and many people are choosing this content management platform for their online website. It is very simple to setup and can be host in almost any cPanel plan available today. We specially highlight the following features that making the Drupal site hosting even better than before. Its including unlimited domain hosting and database, this mean we can host multiple Drupal sites in one account. The Simplescripts 1-click installer also provides scripts setup and allows instant site installation.

Why choose Justhost Drupal hosting?

This is the most user-friendly content management system we have ever seen. It can serve as a good layout for personal or corporate site and it is commonly found in large website too. This application is search engine friendly as well and can be easily optimized for better ranking. We have few Drupal sites as well, and some of them can really rank better compare to WordPress. This might be their biggest advantages as we have seen.

Firstly, cPanel hosting plan is the best place for open source CMS site like this one and we can quickly setup the site via their latest Simplescripts installer. It’s a fully automated setup process and no manual work require. This includes setup of database, upload of files, configuration and changing of administrator password. All these are now hidden away and fully automated.

Their cPanel plan includes all the best features and this including unlimited domains, storage and bandwidth. We can host not one, but many websites in here and this including multiple Drupal sites too. Beside this site, we have WordPress, Joomla, wiki and some other websites setup in our account.

Drupal scripts installed

Justhost Drupal site installation process.

With above features, we are able to quickly setup new hosting account and install Drupal site almost instantly. We can cut down the waiting time and bring up the site in shortest time, this is rapid website publishing and we love the speed performance too.

Next, we are using the new Simplescripts one click installer that provides more apps and more CMS choice. We are testing this and we want to know how compatible this plan when come to this. To begin the setup, we use their latest one click installer to setup Drupal at new directory. We don’t have spare domain name for the job, we will go ahead with the subdirectory installation. We chose to install a brand new version in new directory. Selected the latest stable release version and choose domain directory. Selected administrator password and agree to the GPL license agreement. Finally, we have completed the installation.

This is a free open source app which we can use for personal site or business site. We can edit or change the site content or design, and latest publish the new site online.

From our quick test, we know this is one of the best web hosting provider that supporting Drupal. If you are looking for content management system, Drupal can be the choice for you and it is equipped with a powerful blend of features that supports a variety of sites ranging from personal web blogs to large community. So far we have not experience any problems with the site. Things are running great as expected.

Drupal site demo

Which Justhost plan works the best for Drupal?

They have few web hosting packages to select from and fortunately they are all using cPanel control panel and the similar software configuration. This makes the choosing work much easier. For average users, their most basic cPanel hosting plan offering all unlimited features is good enough. This type of open source application is light weight and highly optimized, some test have show this apps is lighter compare to WordPress blog. Depend on your site configuration and optimization; this shared hosting can used to host multiple Drupal sites without any problem.

Right now, they are offering few options and this including:

  • Shared web hosting.
  • Reseller web hosting.
  • VPS web hosting.
  • Dedicated server.

Some experience users, will choose to upgrade to VPS plan that offers superior performance and more server access privilege. They provide root access and server reboot feature via WHM control panel, this is definitely a huge advantage compare to any shared hosting plan. Furthermore, their VPS is using cloud network structure and this guarantee a much better uptime percentage too.

For more high end users, there are nothing less than choosing dedicated server hosting. This is standalone hosting solution and works for very large scale Drupal site service huge community group. Regarding your any requirements, they have the right web hosting package for you.

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Justhost cPanel control panel, WHM and Simplescripts

Justhost cPanel control panel is working great

This cPanel control panel is with customized theme. It looks great and nicely organized. It looks similar to Bluehost cPanel and Hostmonster cPanel. From the beginning of login page, we have spotted the professional design and easy navigation. From here, there is secure hosting account login and webmail login page. There is direct link to forget password and retrieve lost password page as well. It is handy, easy for reach and surely convenient when we need it.

Justhost cPanel login

Justhost cPanel usability test review

For our account, we have full access to their cPanel control panel and it is accessible at our domain name directly. And we can find the same cPanel layout for all their shared hosting packages, reseller and VPS hosting plans. In comparison and feature wise, we are rating this user-friendly cPanel with a usability score of 9/10.

cPanel demo

Need a Justhost cPanel demo account for testing?

Please go to Justhost.com and visit the hosting specification page. In here, there is access to cPanel demo account and you can experience it here.

Here is the WHM control panel for reseller account. If you are using their reseller hosting or dedicated server, here is the additional webhost manager page that allow you to control even more on the server and your client accounts. In here there is serer configuration, server reboot, DNS function, SSL setup configuration, package installation, theme selection, view server statistic and so on.

WHM control panel

Justhost Simplescripts installer review.

Fantastico is no longer made available, it’s now replaced by the most powerful Simplescripts 1-click installer. This is one of their latest software upgrade and its now offering the world most famous Simplescripts apps installer. From our many years of experience and review, we can see this installer is having the following advantages:

  1. This Simplescripts is having the most scripts and currently counting to over 100 of them.
  2. Installation process is simple and no technical skill is required.
  3. From here, user can choose any installation location and domain.
  4. Choose to install any available version of scripts. Both latest and previous versions are provided.
  5. View all current scripts installed, manage it or edit any of it.
  6. Uninstall or remove any unwanted scripts anytime from here.

From cPanel, go to Simplescripts, and the installer page will looks like the following.

Simplescripts installer

Justhost files hosting limits and permitted.

Maximum files permitted in user account are very high. This inodes limits are set to 50000 and this are the maximum files allowed in single account. Exceeding this limit will cause account suspension and that is the thing you need to avoid. Upgrade to their latest VPS if you need higher limits on this.

Justhost email account and service review.

The email service is reliable and works great. This unlimited shared hosting is complete with email service and offering with three webmail clients program including Roundcube, Horde and Squirrelmail.

We have tested these email services and it is fast, dependable and works for most popular web browsers.

Variety of webmail clients

Justhost site builder review.

They are offering multiple site builder tools. In here, we can find a total of five site builder tools which includes RVsitebuilder, Livesite, Soholaunch, Basicpages and Concret5.

Weebly site builder tool

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$500,000 Justhost affiliate deal is truth or fake?

Justhost affiliate program payout review.

Their affiliate program is now offering a whopping new sales commission of $60 dollars per successful sales you made. This payout rate is very similar Bluehost and Hostmonster partner program that pay $65 dollars. This Bluehost affiliate and Hostmonster affiliate pays $65 dollars per referral. This is $5 dollars more compare to what they are offering. And Hostgator affiliate program with progressive payout rate and up to $125 is even better.

Aaffiliate login page

Justhost affiliate signup overview.

This signup is free and they have two pay periods at two weeks once. A minimum of $60 is required for payment and it will be sent via PayPal with fees paid. Wire transfer is available for payment larger than $10,000 per month. Affiliates are responsible for all fee, taxes, surcharge, and exchange rate expenses. All affiliates are required to fill in tax form and provide taxation information.

Earning incredible commission is a truth or fake?

In recent years, Google had played a major role and affecting the entire landscape. What they did is flip the company site ranking and those ranked the top will be highly popular and those falling in ranking will suffer sales lost. Unfortunately, they are no longer ranked so well if compare with few years back. Currently they are found in page 3 when we search for relevant keywords, this mean much less traffic to their site and less people get to know their products. Promoting a not so popular web host is a tough job and not many people is going to buy or signup and this mean the conversion rate will be much lower and not as effective as before. This is the truth about them and based on our real experience too.

Affiliate payout 500k

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