Justhost review and coupon by Pruthi Jena

Justhost is one of the most popular web hosting services. This is due to its reliable and secured features without any additional distraction. The products of this web hosting service were developed by the best professionals of the industry. That is why this service offers outstanding reliability. The shared hosting start from price of $3.99 per month. The Justhost reviews provided here will give you information about this web hosting service.

Justhost is one of the leading inexpensive web hosting services. Their price is cheap and affordable. That allow bloggers along with small businesses to host the websites of their choice. This easy-to-use service offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Along with unlimited access to FTP, SFTP and MySql databases. It support various important scripting languages like CGI, PHP and Perl etc.

Starting with Justhost

Justhost like other top hosting service providers. They allow its users to set an internet site by selecting a domain. It also allows you to choose a domain of your choice. Though Justhost is considered as the cheapest hosting service. Clients can control their website effectively through its cPanel control panel. That helps in managing the functionalities of the website. It is categorized and intuitively formatted menus and icon-based buttons.

Features of Justhost

Justhost offers a number of surprising features along with various hosting plans. It includes data Transfer and unlimited disk space. Other features include database, email account and many more. Some of the features which made it one of the best web hosting services available in the market. It also offers certain additional benefits including on click installation of shopping cart. This including Zen Cart and OS Commerce Shopping Cart for your e-commerce sites. There is free easy to use Drag and Drop for site builders. It also supports the MIDI Files and video streaming too. There is marketing tools to help in listing your website on search engines for gaining visitors.

Price and Plan

Justhost offers shared hosting service with a single price plan. Unlike other service providers, to make it affordable to all. It offers its services for $3.95 per month if you buy it for one month. But if you buy it for two years it offers Justhost coupons to reduce its cost up to $3.50 per month.

You can again reduce the cost of Justhost services to $2.75 per month by using Justhost coupons. If you buy it for three years, you can get even more discounts. It also offers Pro plan for three years for the professional users. In this way the plans offered by Justhost are the most affordable. It is cheaper compare to other hosting service providers. Some of the JustHost coupons offer huge discounts ranging from 10% to 75%. This will reduce the cost of its services more impressively.

Uptime Guarantee

JustHost is considered as the most reliable hosting service providers. It guarantees to 99.9% uptime to its customers which is the standard of hosting market at present.

Customer Support

Justhost offers 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat and email. Along with knowledge based tutorials and FAQs etc. to assist you whenever needed.

Ecommerce Services

Just Host provides the best ecommerce hosting services through its shared hosting platform. User can host various shopping carts in here. There is dedicated IP address and SSL certificate in addon products.

JustHost reviews given here above is our personal rating. Their service is affordable and come with a number of features. The customer support is quick responding too. All these benefits have enabled Justhost to gain the top position and become the best. It allows individuals and small businesses to host their websites at cheaper price then other service providers.

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Justhost review and coupon by Sumathi Dharshini

JustHost is the web hosting provider that provides services on the shared hosting plans and also the reseller hosting. The company provides with great deal of discounts and also money back guarantee which is applicable at any point of time. JustHost got established in the year of 2008 which was formulated in the beginning as a developing company by one entrepreneur from UK named Chris Philips. He is the one who was behind Dot5 and sold the company later on to Endurance – International Group. Dot5 was also a hosting company and may be the knowledge that he has in web hosting made him to get JustHost also into hosting.

Website Hosting Plans

JustHost is the company that provides with shared hosting plan which is aimed to get the market that is trying to find out web hosting available in relatively cheaper rate. They provide such kind of hosting that is best suitable to be used by those website and blog admins which are light weighted and are perfect for the commercial blogs and websites that sell things. It can provide with the support of linux OS only. Reseller option is the only possibility of advancement on basic shared hosting. There are very few things related with them that make them mark out of peers. Functionalities that are available over shared plan are really unlimited. The only way through which price drop is available is when signing up with a plan that is of much longer term. It do not provide with any kind of cloud type of hosting. The cost of this hosting is relatively less and so is considered by most of the beginners and such kind of website and blog owners who wanted to have it in proper way.

Justhost Coupon and Offers

JustHost is the one that provides with web hosting in affordable rate. There are chances for you to easily get the web hosting be hired for your need. The coupons can be made used so that it is possible for you to get the finest way to get the work done. When you are registering with them, you get a domain for free. It is also possible for you to gain credits when you are doing some free advertising. There are quite a lot of things that you can get if you are able to make use of the possibilities of taking advantages of the opportunities provided by this web hosting company.

Justhost Control Panel

The control panel that of the JustHost is the one that is standard and the cost of it is also included when you are getting their plan chosen for the time period you want. The Cpanel of the JustHost allows you to access standard features like addon domains, nameservers, billing & account, gmail, Google Appsm DNS, webmail etc. IT is also possible for you to use the WHM which is the tool that can be used for creation, management and also deletion of the hosting accounts. Resellers also get a clientExec package for free which is meant for managing the billing and customer invoicing. This tool also allows the resellers to suspend those client accounts that do not make payments.

Justhost Uptime Guarantee

There is no guarantee published by JustHost on the uptime. The only information that is available on this side is that they have got a team for monitoring their hardware and equipment 24×7. This is an indication that you can get your website be online without issue almost all the time. If you are not comfortable with the availability of the website on the web then you can get a refund. They are much readily giving refund to the customers who are not satisfied with the service. There are some hints collected regarding the uptime of the web hosting company from a blog which says that it is about 99.5 percentage. Just host review suggest that it is the web hosting company that indeed provides with appealing kind of uptime which any website admin may be aspiring to have.

There are quite a lot of things related with JustHost review that say this company is good to consider for hosting the website especially for freshers as they do not take a huge amount for the services they provide.

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JustHost Review and Secret Revealed by Lali Hoi

Justhost is a web hosting company that provides reliable solutions in cheap price. You will find all the solutions as provided by the host in one portal that is justhost.com. You can go through all the information provided to make decision of your own. This article is about Justhost reviews. Read below to find out everything about the web host.

Why Justhost has been a reputed host in such a crunch time?

The webhost has earned reputation not only through the cheap price and high-end solutions but also through round the clock support. Along with web hosting you are going to get VPS hosting and test drive cpanel. You can easily advertise your website by earning credits from popular search engines. It is not about the offers that put the web host on the top rank but it is about the service it renders to its customers.

Products offered by Justhost

Justhost basically provides three products. With this product you will get to register your domain. The web host will build your website with the needed templates. If you are building an ecommerce website, you will get the cart. With this product you will get advertising offer from Google worth $100. The control panel of your website is powered by cpanel.

Ecommerce feature

There are various ecommerce features of a website which is offered to you through web hosting. First of all you get SSL secure server. This is provided to make all the financial transactions secure. There are various types of shopping carts which you get as per your need such as Zen cart, Agora cart, cube cart and OS commerce shopping cart. Other ecommerce features include password protection directories, free generated certificate and open GPG encryption.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting as provided by justhost is well managed. You can get to know about the services through various Justhost reviews. By subscribing this product you are going to manage multiple accounts. You will have guaranteed server resources and enhance performance through root access and domain name.

Cpanel control panel

With the help of the improved cpanel which you can easily know from Justhost reviews you can organize the interface of your website in a better way. You can get single sign on, better email management and robust help center. In fact, you can streamline the whole management process of your website.

Price information 

There are three plans under website hosting named as starter, plus and business pro. The three plans cost $2.95, $4.95, and $9.95 per month respectively. The plus plan of web hosting is the most preferred plan. There are four plans for VPS hosting namely standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. For the first month of your subscription you will be getting these plans at reduced price of $14.99, $29.99, $44.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Justhost Coupon, discount and promotion

You will get to register for one free domain. You can also transfer for an existing domain for free. As promotional offer you get VPS hosting account with reduced price.

30 days money back guarantee

If you want to cancel your domain at any moment during 30 days of your domain registration, you will be returned your payment as per the terms. You may lose your set up cost and domain cost as justhost has to spend money on these.

Uptime guarantee

The web hosting company is committed to provide support to its customers 365 days in a year. To maintain the service for its customer the web hosting company has well managed data center with well managed power backup. All these arrangements are meant for service you at the need of the hour.

Customer reviews 

User feedback revolves around the way they can contact the service provider with ease. As a customer you can contact the service provider through phone, email and chat. Customers praise about the unlimited services that the company provides for them. As part of the unlimited services you are going to get unlimited disk space, unlimited number of websites to host, numerous email accounts and numerous transfers.


You can read all the Justhost reviews to know that all the reviews mention the same about the web host. You can visit the website to know about various products, reputation, domain registration, uptime guarantee, ecommerce feature, price information, discount, promotion and many more. In short you can assume that justhost provides what the industry demands.

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Justhost reviews and ratings by Brian Livingston

Justhost is among the leading companies where you will access affordable web hosting services. The company offers web hosting services with a lot of features. It has invested heavily on the services to ensure they offer the best services to their clients. It has more than 10,000 servers where it serves more than one million users. It serves both small business and large business web hosting needs. After you decide to access web hosting services from the company you will enjoy lots of bonuses. It includes $50 Bing/ Yahoo search credits, $100 Google adword, $50 Facebook advertising credits. There is free domain name registration. And the latest features on Linux web hosting platforms. There are no hidden charges you will be exposed to after you decide to access web hosting services. You will also enjoy 99.9% uptime. They also offer a coupon from time to time where you can end up saving up to 68% on your web hosting services. In case you try any services that they offer and you are not fully satisfied, you will claim money back warranty anytime. Money back warranty in other web hosting service providers will be limited to a certain period of time. In Justhost you will claim anytime.

Justhost Review on Features

In case you will like to host your website on a web hosting company where you will be guaranteed great speed, then you should think of Justhost. The company offers great speed. They have designed their infrastructure for fastest internet connection speed. They have Cisco smart technology in place to ensure any interruption in internet connection will be dealt with. They have world class data centers where they can deliver up to 7,500 Mbits of bandwidth.

Justhost Review on Reliability

The company assures customers 99.9% uptime. They have put measures in place such as UPS and stand by diesel generators. These ensure any interruption in power supply can be dealt with accordingly to ensure your website is always on. From Justhost Review you will discover the company has even provided more uptime than it promises customers. It has delivered more than 99.95% in the past one year.

Justhost Review of Control Panel 

The web hosting company utilizes the largest cPanel with integrated simplescripts. The Cpanel makes it easy to manage everything on server hosting accounts. The integrated simple script makes it easy to set up applications. The Simplescripts make it easy to add applications to your website within the needs to download them manually.

Other Features available on Justhost

There are many useful features that any webmaster will appreciate that come with the web hosting company. For example, you will access email accounts, unlimited disc space, instant set up, and free domain name registration. For software, there is site builders, MySQL databases, Hotlink Protection, among other features.

Justhost Technical Support

You will access customer support through toll free telephone, email, live chat knowledge base. There is email ticket system and community forum and FAQ in less than 30 seconds. You will never get stranded after you decide to host your website with Justhost. There are enough employees who are ready to help customers who have different issues. After you decide to use the company you will have someone who will ensure your web hosting services are attended to well.

It is always necessary for you to read Justhost Review and ensure the company has all that you require for you to run your website smoothly. From reading the review you will get to know what other people are saying about the company. You should also consider checking features which you will like to use more in your web design services. Generally just host offers the best services.

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Learn All About Coupons And Their Benefits

Nowadays everyone is looking for new and innovative ways of saving money especially due to the economic crunch and rising prices. Online coupons can help you save money by cutting back on the amount you have to pay on various products and services. Therefore, instead of having printed coupons that are handed to retailers, customers simply enter their coupon codes in a box during the checkout process online. Each promotional code offers a different value. Some coupons are for a percentage off the total order, while others are for free shipping.

How do online coupons work?

Online coupons have restrictions just like Printed coupons. All conditions should be met in order for the shopping cart to apply the discount. Therefore, it is vital to read the fine print of every coupon very carefully. For instance, some codes will not work on sales items or exclude some brands. Besides having expiry dates, retailers can also limit the number of times you can use the coupon before it expires.

There are numerous websites that offer promotional codes where different coupon core listed along with the store name and the discount offer for each item. Once you click on a particular coupon code, you will be directed to a website where you can check out the product, make your purchase and get a cut back on the price. However, sometimes you must copy the code from the site and visit an online store to get a discount on the item. In such cases, clear guidelines on how to redeem the code are specified along with the online coupon code.

Types of online coupons

  • Public online coupons.

Besides being released to everyone, these coupons can also be used unlimited number of times.

  • Private coupon codes.

Private codes are usually given to a specific group of peoples. For instance, retailers can release private codes to frequent shoppers, or based on the client’s shopping history.

  • Restricted coupon codes.

The computer recognizes shoppers’ information and will not allow a different person to use the restricted coupon code.

Manufacturer and store coupons

  • Store coupons can be obtained from the store. Since the store is giving you the discount, store coupons can only be used at that specific store.
  • Manufacturer coupons are mainly issued by manufacturers at can be used at any store that is accepting them. The manufacturer gives customers discounts by agreeing to reimburse stores for giving them the discount.

Where can you find online coupons?

Many websites and blogs are devoted to helping web users find various coupon codes. Therefore, it important to check such sites regularly in order to find any new online promotional coupons and enjoy the discounts they have to offer. On the other hand, some stores release coupon codes to their customers through email lists and newsletters. Sign up for different lists from various online stores to ensure that you are always the first to know about money saving offers.

Coupons used online

This is a different system that mainly works by codes. For instance, they can offer a 10% off phones or laptops one month. To get this deal customers need a code. The sale is advertised and customers are given coupon codes to enter during checkout. The store will have a section for the coupon codes so you simply type the code in the box and update your cart to see your new balance. Written codes tell online stores the products that are on sale and how much should be taken off. Therefore, these coupons work in the same way as coupons with bar codes.

Coupons that take customers directly to a website

Numerous online coupons are offered in the usual banner format. When customers click on these banners, they are automatically taken to a website with the sale and the sales prices are set up for you. Therefore, customers don’t have to print out the coupons and they don’t need to type in the codes because the banners are set up with codes by the programmer. This type of coupon does all the work for customers

Since your main aim is saving money, it is important to compare online coupon codes among competitors just the way we compare prices. Compare money saving online coupons among different brands that are offering similar products in order to get the best value for your money.

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