Tips on how to write an amazing FAQ page

You should ensure you have a comprehensive FAQ page that will lead customers to getting their burning questions well answered. Through use of a FAQ page, you will easily portray an image of being competent in your field of specialisation. In case you are offering professional services online, the way you will have arranged the FAQ page will lead people to trusting you for the services or they just look for other places where they can access the services. The language which you use in the page should be the right language that your customers like to use. This is necessary for you to make them feel you are responding to their burning questions directly. Here are tips which you can employ for you to write an amazing FAQ page:

  1. Research questions that your customers ask frequently

The purpose of the FAQ page is to address questions that your customers keep on asking frequently. For you to get the FAQ page serve its sole purpose well, you should ensure you carry out enough research which will enable you come up with a list of frequently asked questions. After you develop the list, you should list the questions down and answer them in a professional way. Each question you should address it in different ways so that customers who will read will get complete answers to what they wanted to know about your organisation.

  1. Focus the question on customers

The purpose of the page is to address questions that customers will be asking. For you to make the page engaging to the customers, you should use language that will address the customers directly. This will make them feel you are addressing a question which may be disturbing them. To make the page more visible, you should use the right formatting and font. If possible, you should leave a line between each question so that those who will be reading will know where each question and answer ends.

  1. Make the page easy for scanning

For the page to be more readable, you should create questions and answers which those who will be reading will easily scan through and understand what you will be telling them. In most of the times, those who will be searching for certain questions in your FAQ page will like to spend the shortest time on the page. This makes it necessary for you to develop the page while keeping in mind those who will be scanning through it for them to access information.

  1. Use your customers’ language

The way customers and business owners’ talk will sound differently. For you to make the page more engaging to customers, you should write it in a language at resonates with the language that the customers use. In case you discover the customers are fond of using a certain slang, then be ready to use it in your FAQ page so that you will suit their language.

  1. Add a search option

You may have a long list of FAQ, for you to make it easy for different customers to locate certain pages which they may be searching for, you should try and write the page and beside it you should add a search option. This will make it easy because after perusing through your page and the customers fail to locate a certain question at once, they can enter search terms in the search option for them to be taken directly to where the question has been addressed. This will lead the customers to accessing more out of the page which will make them trust your services.

  1. Organize the questions and answers well

In your FAQ page, each question should be written followed by an answer. In case there are different categories of questions which you have answered, you should ensure each question has been answered in its section. A page that has been organised well will lead those who will be searching for content on your website to easily locate what they may have been searching for.

  1. Avoid marketing on your FAQ page

The page should deal with questions that are raised by your customers more often. You should avoid introducing marketing texts in the page, this is simply because the page will end up appearing as a marketing tool rather than a FAQ page. You should also try and be concise when approaching different questions.

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MySQL database for beginners and things to know

MySQL or Structured Query Language is even today one of the most popular software that is very helpful when there is a need to add, manage and access contents in a database. There are many reasons why it continues to be so much sought after. This is because of its proven track record, reliability, flexibility and ease with which it can be used. However, in this article we will try and have a look at MySQL for beginners and the various things that one should know as a beginner.

  1. The importance of database.

Whenever one needs to have some meaningful output using the computer it is very important that there should be a creation of database or there should be information which could be used for working on the desired output. Database is nothing but information that is stored in a computer which can be accessed and retrieved when needed. Database is stored in computer in the form of fields. Many fields become a record and when we have a collection of records than it becomes a table. It is therefore very important to understand this basic concept before we delve further into My SQL.

  1. Why SQL is used?

SQL is considered to be one the most effective and time tested tools for retrieving and accessing data. It is something akin to retrieving information that could be stored in a filing cabinet. However, unlike the manual environment the extraction and access of information from a database should be fast and accurate. Towards this objective it has been proven over and over again that SQL is considered the best option. It is a platform that is used by other software applications whenever there is a need to access and use data and that too within a few seconds. Hence it is very important to understand the importance of SQL as one of the best options whenever there is a need to extract and retrieve data.

  1. How is SQL administered?

All software will not work on their own and there should be intervention and administration. It is therefore important to have a tool that will help manage and administer programs like SQL. One such option is phpmyadmin tool. This is very extensively used because it is able to manage and administer various types of SQL applications such as Drizzle and Maria B. Whenever there is a need to do some repetitive and common tasks it has been found that phpmyadmin tool is very useful. It has been around for many years now and it has won several awards as one of the best tools when it comes to administering and managing MySQL effectively.

  1. A few more useful pieces of information.

There are a few more reasons why SQL is considered as one of the base programs. It has the full support and backing of ANSI-American National Standards Institute. ANSI has laid down some guidelines when it comes to using SQL. Hence customers find it comfortable when choosing SQL from many other RDBMS systems. The reasons why MySQL continue to be so much in demand are because of various attributes:

  • It is very fast and very reliable for any type of application however complex it might be.
  • The command line is very powerful and easy to master even for beginners.
  • It is very useful when it comes to indexing.
  • It also supports binary figures.
  • Changes to table structures can be made in SQL even when the server is running.
  • It has a very robust and dependable code which has been tried and tested with many compilers.
  • The language that is used for writing SQL is C and C++ which continues to be in demand even today.
  • It supports almost around 20 different platforms making it very versatile when compared to other RDBMS options.
  • Most corporate database applications are managed using MySQL.

Hence there hardly is any doubt that SQL database is one of the most trusted and proven database management systems that has been in use for various decades now. While new technologies are coming up it will be quite some time before any suitable alternative to SQL is found by software and hardware wizards. It is also very cost effective and offers excellent value for money to its customers.

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Why businesses need customer support forums?

Businesses have nowadays turned to customer support forums for them to interact with customers. It is an effective way that businesses can use for them to respond to questions that customers raise. On the forums, it is very easy for different customers to post their queries about the services that they were offered by the business or even inquire about the services that they are about to access from the company. It is advantageous for businesses to use forums because they are able to reach many people in a given period of time.

Advantages of customer support forum:

  1. The customer support forums offer quick answers to potential clients.
    In a forum it is very easy for a customer to access an answer to a certain answer even without communicating with the support team. This is possible because the customer can just read answers that were offered to a similar question that other customers may have raised before. This leads to saving time for both the customer support attendant and the clients.
  2. The forum enables free interaction between the business and customers.
    In a forum different people will be allowed to air their views about a certain product. This makes it easy for the business owners to know what their clients are saying about the services that they offer. It is very easy for the business to improve after they know about what other people are saying from the forums.

How business use customer support:

  1. Interacting with customers.
    In the forums businesses are able to interact with their customers. They form the easiest way for businesses to respond to common questions that may have been raised by a group of people. Instead of the business responding to similar questions that may be raised by different people, they can post the answers on the forums from where potential customers will read and get answers to their questions. This reduces the work which the customer support center will have to handle at a given period of time.
  2. Businesses are able to know the reaction of people about certain promotions which they may introduce.
    In case you run a business, you may decide to introduce a promotion as a way of trying to boost the sale of your products or services. It is very easy to know what other people are saying about the promotions after you check out on the customer support forum where they will be airing their views.

How customer can take benefits from this forum? Customers can take advantage of the forums in many ways, first, they will be able to get answers to their burning questions easily. This will be possible because the customers can just long into the forum from where they will get to know the answers to their queries. They will even learn about what other customers are saying. In case a customer was reluctant to try a certain product, it is very easy for the customer to get courage and try the product after he reads the forum. The forums allows free interaction of different customers and the business owners.

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Your website sucks and how to rescue it?

Website design is not a static, but an ever changing process. If your website sucks, you need to make some changes. For a business, it’s important to keep making changes to the website on a regular basis. If your business website has been the same for a long time, it’s probably time for a website makeover. However, you can’t just redesign your website without focusing on certain important aspects. Before we move on to what should be covered in the makeover, there are the basic qualities you should consider in the web design.

  • Folder structure
  • Proper navigation
  • Internal linking structure
  • Easy coding
  • Appropriate page download time
  • Naming conventions
  • URL generation
  1. Responsive web design

The number of people using mobile devices has significantly increased. According to a recent study, over 45% adults in America use a smartphone, and more than 30% use a tablet. Smartphone shipments have completely outpaced regular mobile phones. The tablet industry is also growing at a rapid rate.

If you check the website’s traffic, you will be shocked to see how many visitors reach the webpage through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Due to this, it’s important to switch to a responsive website design.

  1. Focus on conversion optimized web design

During the website makeover process, it’s important to focus on search engine optimization and conversion rates. The website should generate more leads, and improve your conversion rate. The business needs to focus on a conversion optimized web design to attract more customers.

  1. Focus on improving the corporate image

Your website represents the level of professionalism your business believes in. It’s important to focus on a website makeover to improve your corporate image. In fact, you need to include certain elements into the website design to make sure your corporate image improves in the eyes of the visitor.

  1. Professional, clutter free design

The design of a business website needs to be professional and clutter free. The design should not be filled with scrolling galleries, vibrant graphics or too flashy looking elements. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on the website. You just need a web design that does not confuse visitors.

  1. Good looking header banner

If you’re running a service based business, this becomes even more important. You should add a professional header banner for a great first impression. This can help you stand apart from the competition. It’s not always necessary to include a logo. However, if you plan to use your business logo, make sure it’s placed at the top with the company name.

  1. User friendly navigation

With user friendly navigation, your website will be unable to give positive results. Poor navigation always leads to a higher bounce rate. You need to make sure users are able to easily browse through your website without any lags. The interface should be easy to understand and use.

  1. Layout

The layout of your website will play an important role. If you run a store offering physical products, they should be properly listed on the web pages with detailed descriptions. Similarly, if you offer services, you should highlight their benefits. You should also include a tab for your blog. Once again, it’s important to use a responsive layout to make sure people are able to access your website on multiple devices.

It’s important to understand that your website needs to be updated on a regular basis. In the modern business age, a website makeover is no more a luxury. It has become a necessity because of changing industry trends, advancements in technology and rapid developments in the field of website design. Just make sure you hire professionals for the job to provide you with best returns on your investment. If your website sucks, you definitely need some changes.

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Just Host Forum Review With phpBB and SMF Forum Script

Whether you are running a very small scale business online or an e-commerce, it is important that you select a web hosting company as the success depends on that. However, since the Internet is saturated with thousands of such web hosting companies, finding a right web host is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

No matter how much you work hard, an inappropriate can always ruin the business for you and you would rather have to close down your operations. Now, you must be wondering about the biggest reason behind the success of large e-commerce companies that is unknown to you! The answer to that question is their hard work and a good web host company that makes sure those companies stay active all the time and increase sales. A web host company is also responsible for marinating a healthy relationship with the existing customers and attracting new ones to your business.

One of the most successful web host companies that have made a difference for aspiring online business entities is Just-Host, which offers a wide spectrum of services that will always meet your requirements. If you are wondering about the range of their services and why to avail them for hosting your website, you should probably take a look into the next sections, which highlight their services and reasons which make this website hosting company one of the best in the market.

Their web hosting products are divided into three main categories:

  1. Website hosting
    Some of the features of this section include domain name registration, site builder templates, e-commerce shopping carts, $100 Google advertising offer, control panel – powered by cPanel and instant setup.
  2. VPS hosting
    The VPS hosting includes features like domain name, enhanced cPanel, root Access, ultra performance, guaranteed server resources, multiple account management and instant provisioning.
  3. cPanel
    Under this category, you will find features like powerful domain manager, single spin on, robust Email management, comprehensive help centre and streamlined interface.

One of the factors that caters to the popularity of their forum site hosting are the four web hosting schemes that has enabled thousands to attain their online business objectives. Currently offering standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. They offer various features under these packages that will meet user requirements depending on their business size and prospects.

Once you register with this company for hosting your website, you can avail some of the unlimited features:

  • Disk storage
  • POP3 secure email support
  • IMAP secure IMAP email support
  • Forwarding email accounts
  • Unlimited GB of site transfer
  • Addon domains
  • Parked domains
  • Subdomains

Besides the features that are mentioned above, there are some more features that contribute to the popularity of their service:

  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Free 1-click installer (WordPress, Drupal, TomatoCart, Magneto, osCommerce, Joomla and Concrete5)
  • Free forum scripts including phpBB and SMF
  • SSL certificate
  • Dedicated IP and secure server
  • Free generated certificate
  • Password protected directories
  • Open PGP or GPG encryption

Why choose this forum hosting? They take pride in offering services that work secretly towards the betterment of your business. Choosing them are the best because they offer outstanding uptime, really affordable websites, integrated customer control panel, simplicity, free script library, 24/7 customer tailored support and the best of all, money back guarantee with all their hosting plans.

So, if you are planning to hire a web hosting company for your website, get a quote and demo from them and make the rightful decision of leaving the technicalities in the hands of experts and concentrate solely on your business.

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