Justhost review and coupon by Eric Grispos

Justhost is one of the best web hosting services. They are popular among businesses due to their safety, features and reliable performance. The products and services are with outstanding reliability. This hosting service is at a very reasonable cost of just $3.99 per month. They have developed the best professionals of the web hosting industry. In order to get more information, you should go through the JustHost review provided in this write-up.

The encouragement given to the small businesses and bloggers to host the websites in cheap price. This has made JustHost the leader of inexpensive web hosting services. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are the standard features. Other features include access to FTP, SFTP and MySql databases etc. It also support various scripting languages like Perls, CGI and PHP etc. All these are some of the main features of this easy-to-use hosting service.

Working of JustHost

JustHost allows its users to choose a domain name to set their website on internet. You can also use its easy flowing online account to design a cleaner and latest interface. Even if it is considered as the cheapest web host in the market. You can also control your website with the help of its cPanel control panel cPanel.

Features offered by JustHost

Along with various hosting plans, JustHost offers a number of surprising features. Including unlimited disk space, data transfer, email account, database and unlimited website hosting. It has become one of the best web hosting services in the market due to these features. There is free easy to use Drag-and-Drop feature, on click installation of shopping carts. It support OS Commerce Shopping Cart and Zen Cart for the e-commerce.

Plans and prices of JustHost

JustHost offers its services for shared hosting at a single affordable plan of $3.95 per month. The JustHost coupons offered by the company can reduce its per month cost to $3.50 per month, if you buy it for two years. If you buy it for three years this usage cost can also be reduced to $2.75 per month through JustHost coupons. For the professional users JustHost also offers a Pro plan at the rate of $14.95 per month for three years subscription. Thus JustHost offers much affordable plans for its users as compared to its competitors.

Uptime surety

The uptime of JustHost web hosting service as per the standards of web hosting market i.e. 99.9%. On the basis of its standard uptime, JusHost is considered as one of the most reliable hosting services these days.

Customer service

The customers can contact its customer care professionals through live chat and phone to resolve their problems. They can also go through FAQs and knowledge based tutorials to get answers of their queries.

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Justhost review and coupon by Steve Wickers

JustHost is the web hosting company that is much popular for offering the cheap, usable unlimited resources and also reliable. They have world class data center which is invested with about 8 million USD that has got 10,000 servers and also 500 employees. This is serving for than million customers. There are chances for the individuals to easily make use of this web hosting for their business needs without any kind of issues. The website hosting plan from them are one such kind. It has so many features in it which include the search credits, free domain names, adwords credits and also advertising credits from Facebook. This is a popular hosting company that provides with the uptime of about 99.9 percentage.

Products & Price

Starter plan is the basic plan available which has got the cost of $2.95 dollars for the first term and then you need to pay between $5.99 to $7.99 dollars every month. The plus is the next plan which may cost about 2.95 dollars every month in the first month and then something between $9.49 to $14.99 dollars per month. The pro is the most advanced kind of the plan for which you need to pay about $2.95 dollars every month during first term and then something between $19.99 to $24.99 dollars every month.


They provide users with world class data center owned by it which can utilize the 5 figure lines that are brought directly to building along with internet bandwidth which can exceed to about 7500 Mbits. This is the web hosting company which is confident enough in making the websites that it host to run faster without any kinds of interruptions. Team which comprises of technicians can easily address any kinds of issues immediately before it actually turns serious. The Ethernet connections of 10 gigabit also ensure that the data of the customers are transferred at a speed that is really high.


They claim to provide uptime to about 99.9 percentage. It also exerts in providing customer with the uptime that is satisfying so that they can easily get the websites run with greater stability and also success. As per the monitoring that is done in last year the company has really done much better than what they have guaranteed. They could provide the uptime which is about 99.5 percentage in whole period of monitoring. The hosting environment provided by the company is also reliable.

Control Panel

The control panel is really the latest one with simple scripts included in that. It is something which is really user-friendly so that you can manage everything from the hosting accounts, server and also the simple scripts. There is no need for getting the software downloaded manually for the creation of the databases and also for configuring server. It is really much time saving for using the tool. It can be considered as finest solution for the beginners who do not have much experience in the process of installation. JustHost reviews say that it is the web hosting company that is really there in the forefront for providing all the kinds of features more than what the users need to expect. It is always necessary for you to choose the kind so that you can find the best solution.

Technical Support

They provide customer service for 24×7 that is 100 percentage through knowledgebase, ticket system,email, live chat and also toll free telephone. JustHost reviews talk much about the kinds of the various situations when the technical support has become something awesome.

Justhost Coupons

It is possible for you to avail the Justhost coupon from the official website. It is a good and also awesome way through which you can make use of that to ensure that you can easily use that for getting the plans in much better discounts.

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Justhost review and coupon by Simon Wong

Justhost amalgamates good customer support with endless hosting to create a solid option for the people finding a best web hosting company. The company do not give VPS hosting, but uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent still creates the company an appearing option for large number of people.

Good Customer Support

Justhost creates it easy to talk with the support team with issues or questions by providing many various support channels to select from, like phone, email, social media support and live chat through Facebook and twitter. Support is quick and available for all 365 days. On the website, the team inform you of the normal wait time for every support choices to assist you create your option. Getting access to best customer support such as this is essential when selecting a web hosting company because minutes of website problems can crash a business.

Multiple Website Hosting

With Justhost, you can host lot of domain from your account and every domain can contain endless level of sub domains, parked and add on domains. These features integrated with the disk space and unlimited space assist ensure you can continue to develop the website efficiently as you want to without the trouble on running in to the limitations.

Uptime Guarantee

With this hosting you can be assure easy understanding they are going to perform anything they can to make sure the website is up and operating well. The firm also promises a 99.9 percent uptime for all of the websites that is good news because you aware you are paying for an item that is effective. The company promises assists provide you that much required peace of mind.

Good Business Tools

People finding to make a business website will respect the extra tools which the hosting company offers to assist you advertises the firm and sell products online. New and transferred domain gets hundred dollars for Google adwords. People thinking to sell items online will happy with the software of free eCommerce and shipping cart available for you to build on the website. Tools such as these can be a best method to start the business fast and raise your sales.

No Setup Price

When looking for a web hosting company, it is essential to look any extra charges, such as setup price along with the monthly charges. Justhosting company waives the setup charge for you that is one less price you want to think about when you look in to creating a new website.


Including a store is easy and simple. You can go the mojo market place and select from a more of one click install options like magento, shopsite and opencart. You can also track the sales in the dashboard. This hosting company gives lot of security features which live in the cPanel add ons tab. A basic plan is free; the advanced plan backs up separate folders and files. You can buy SSL certificate for protective transactions and a dedicated.

Money Back Promise

JustHost Company offers a money back guarantee which allows you cancel the hosting at any time and get a refund for the unused time. It is good to check in the Justhost reviews about more information. Justhost reviews are given by the users both benefited and non benefited.

Justhost Coupon System

The discount codes of the hosting company can be put under a method which people will like to say the coupon system or Justhost promo code system. The Justhost coupons are a tool for marketing the business and spreading the business through activating a general element of greed in the people. These coupons offer you with a discount ranging from twenty to forty five percent. JustHost Company provides weekly backups only and does not promise them. They motivate customers to make the own backups. Based on the kind of site you contain, this can be a slight tiredness or a necessary omission. If you are uploading content often, it is likely good to select a hosting service that gives everyday backups to make sure all the details is saved.

Cloud Hosting is Unavailable

If you buy a unlimited shared plan and thought to upgrade to cloud hosting, it will not work. The company does not offer cloud hosting. If you are interested in sharing plans but are not prepared for a major commitment of obtaining a dedicated server, it may be valuable looking around when you predict developing the website highly in the future.

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Justhost review and coupon by Lenin Pavel

Just Host is a good choice if you have a website bring in a slow amount of traffic. They also feature an easy-to-use interface and high-quality customer service which make this web hosting provider a suitable option for anyone out there. With a wide range of options, Just Host is here to stay and you will have to shell out less than $10 per month to buy the basic plan, which is pretty affordable for most of us. This package offers unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts, free domain for one year, 100GB of storage, among other perks. This is one of these JustHost reviews you need to read before getting some JustHost coupons.

Wide Range of Plans

The Plus and Pro plans will give you a lot of bandwidth, email accounts, free SSL certificates and professional backups. In addition to this, JustHost offers VPS hosting featuring root access, enhanced control panel, managed services and guaranteed server resources. Since this service only costs $29.99 a month, you will find it to be affordable. JustHost’s dedicated hosting starts at $119.99 a month though the advanced plan costs $249.99 per month with four-core CPUs, 15TB bandwidth, 16GB RAM and many other features.

Strong Guarantee

With a strong money-back guarantee that allows you to cancel at any time, you will get your refund when you need it. In addition to this, setting up a website with JustHost.com is a joke as you will get all the tools you need to do an amazing job quickly and easily. You will also get a lot of extras such as e-marketing packages, backup and security features. You will be granted access to amazing tools such as Weebly, WordPress and Mojo Marketplace. Weebly will allow you to build a website in a drag and drop fashion too.

Plenty of Features

JustHost offers a wide range of features including free WordPress. Setting up a WordPress blog is a child’s play here and you will do it in no time. In addition to this, you can always get in touch with the customer support team to handle any issues that you cannot fix by yourself. Setting up your email accounts is also very easy, and you will be able to set up tons of them. Don’t forget to use the password-generator so that you can get the right password to protect your virtual properties at all times.

Should I buy a Just Host’s hosting plan?

Well, JustHost is here to stay because it has all the features you need to set up a basic website quickly and easily. Since setting up an online store with JustHost is very simple, this is another thing that you should consider today. JustHost features Magento, ShopSite and Opencart, which are useful tools that you need to build a reliable, sleek e-commerce website in no time. You will be able to add tons of links, logos, banners and many other things quickly and easily to any of your e-commerce sites right away.


  • Tons of security features. JustHost has plenty of security features that will make your life easier including backing up individual folders and files. And purchasing SSL certificates has never been easier.
  • Top-notch customer service. JustHost offers outstanding customer service, though you might need to wait a lot.
  • Tons of features. JustHost is a solid web hosting provider with tons of features and the famous Mojo Marketplace. This is the marketplace you need to make your website stand out.
  • Low-cost hosting. If you have been looking for a low-cost web hosting provider with tons of features and a decent service, JustHost is what you need today.
  • This hosting company has a strong reputation offering affordable services and fair prices.
  • Tons of customer reviews and user feedback can be found online for this service.
  • The cPanel is very easy to use.


  • You will need to pay for any extra features, which is a shame.
  • Their tech support might not be quite good for your taste.


Just Host is a good web hosting provider for any basic site out there. Though you might think about getting another provider for any powerful, resource-consuming site, this is a good service provider. This web hosting provider is a success today because they know what they do even though you might have some problems with their customer support. Many Just Host reviews will say tons of good and bad things about this service, but most of these Just Host reviews will agree that Just Host is a reliable hosting provider. In addition, you can also find many JustHost coupons online and these JustHost coupons will help you save some money.

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Justhost review and coupon by Pruthi Jena

Justhost is one of the most popular web hosting services. This is due to its reliable and secured features without any additional distraction. The products of this web hosting service were developed by the best professionals of the industry. That is why this service offers outstanding reliability. The shared hosting start from price of $3.99 per month. The Justhost reviews provided here will give you information about this web hosting service.

Justhost is one of the leading inexpensive web hosting services. Their price is cheap and affordable. That allow bloggers along with small businesses to host the websites of their choice. This easy-to-use service offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Along with unlimited access to FTP, SFTP and MySql databases. It support various important scripting languages like CGI, PHP and Perl etc.

Starting with Justhost

Justhost like other top hosting service providers. They allow its users to set an internet site by selecting a domain. It also allows you to choose a domain of your choice. Though Justhost is considered as the cheapest hosting service. Clients can control their website effectively through its cPanel control panel. That helps in managing the functionalities of the website. It is categorized and intuitively formatted menus and icon-based buttons.

Features of Justhost

Justhost offers a number of surprising features along with various hosting plans. It includes data Transfer and unlimited disk space. Other features include database, email account and many more. Some of the features which made it one of the best web hosting services available in the market. It also offers certain additional benefits including on click installation of shopping cart. This including Zen Cart and OS Commerce Shopping Cart for your e-commerce sites. There is free easy to use Drag and Drop for site builders. It also supports the MIDI Files and video streaming too. There is marketing tools to help in listing your website on search engines for gaining visitors.

Price and Plan

Justhost offers shared hosting service with a single price plan. Unlike other service providers, to make it affordable to all. It offers its services for $3.95 per month if you buy it for one month. But if you buy it for two years it offers Justhost coupons to reduce its cost up to $3.50 per month.

You can again reduce the cost of Justhost services to $2.75 per month by using Justhost coupons. If you buy it for three years, you can get even more discounts. It also offers Pro plan for three years for the professional users. In this way the plans offered by Justhost are the most affordable. It is cheaper compare to other hosting service providers. Some of the JustHost coupons offer huge discounts ranging from 10% to 75%. This will reduce the cost of its services more impressively.

Uptime Guarantee

JustHost is considered as the most reliable hosting service providers. It guarantees to 99.9% uptime to its customers which is the standard of hosting market at present.

Customer Support

Justhost offers 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat and email. Along with knowledge based tutorials and FAQs etc. to assist you whenever needed.

Ecommerce Services

Just Host provides the best ecommerce hosting services through its shared hosting platform. User can host various shopping carts in here. There is dedicated IP address and SSL certificate in addon products.

JustHost reviews given here above is our personal rating. Their service is affordable and come with a number of features. The customer support is quick responding too. All these benefits have enabled Justhost to gain the top position and become the best. It allows individuals and small businesses to host their websites at cheaper price then other service providers.

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