How to install WordPress on dedicated server?

Website hosting is one of the key factors that determines the success or otherwise of every website. Choosing the best hosting service provider for your website can go a long way in improving performance of your website and giving your business a competitive online advantage. While there are different types of WordPress hosting options available like shared, VPS, and managed, however, the best option is usually the dedicated WordPress Hosting.

Dedicated hosting offers users with a devoted server, internet connection and other resources, not shared with other users. This hosting plan performs better and is the best option for online business as it’s more reliable and secure than any other plan. Unlike in shared hosting where users compete over the resources, here, you have all the resources to yourself. You need not worry about your site being denied access to the server and, going down or worse temporarily being unavailable when the server and internet connection is being used by other users.

WordPress remains the number one choice of many web designers in hosting websites and website application on dedicated savers. WordPress is an open source blogging and content management platform designed in PHP scripting language. While many servers have Fantastico script that allows you to install WordPress on a dedicated server with one click of a button, manual installation is recommended for security reasons.

You can manually install WordPress for increased security to avoid security vulnerabilities, avoid errors that can affect your business as well as have more control when installing WordPress on your server.

How to install WordPress?

Here are some things that you need before installing WordPress manually:

  • Access to a web server which can be through shell or FTP.
  • You will need a text editor.
  • You will also need an FTP client.
  • And finally a browser of your choice.

Before you start the installation process, ensure that you have the minimum requirement necessary to run WordPress. Log into WordPress control panel and create a new database that you will use to store files as well as extract WordPress software on your server.

Choose and register a domain name 

A domain name is the first thing you need to establish your online presence. It’s simply the URL used by your visitors to access your website. A domain name is also required when installing WordPress, choose a domain name that best describes your business, and register the name with reputable domain registrars.

Get dedicated server 

Get your own private and dedicated server from a reputable webhosting service provider with 100 percent uptime record. There are many reputable webhosting companies available like GoDaddy, Namecheap, OnlyDomains and others. Go for that one that offers the best service for your business at an affordable fee.

Online stores and business websites receive many visitors everyday and any second offline causes your businesses loss of revenue. A dedicated server is the best option for a business related website as it’s more reliable, offers more control and flexibility and is more secure.

Setup and install WordPress on dedicated server

  • Downloading and extracting the most recent WordPress version from
  • Navigate to the webhosting provider control panel.
  • Click on “Home” and then “Privileges.” and check.
  • Click on “Add New User” and name it WordPress if there is no WordPress User in the drop-down menu. Now you will need to enter a password using the text field but leave all options under default.
  • Check all privileges to give user required permissions and enter Go.
  • Log into your file manager in the web host control panel. Click on the “public html” section and create a WordPress folder. Ensure the file has all the set permissions.
  • Use your FTP client to upload the contents of the WordPress directory in the public html.
  • Install WordPress by opening on your web browser and entering your domain name in the URL and add /wp-admin/install.php to the end of domain name.
  • Use username, name of the database and enter the password you had created earlier as the password on the installation screen.
  • To complete a successful installation, navigate to your domain and create a username and password that you had created and follow all the instruction given on administration area.

WordPress is one of the best open source content management system used by over 25 % webmasters all over the world. Install WordPress on a dedicated server and create a company brand that is appealing to your audience.

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Choosing the best email hosting service

If you want potential customers to know what your business has to offer through email marketing, you don’t have to do it yourself since taking advantage of an email hosting service will help you do all email-related tasks, thus saving you a lot of time and efforts. Email hosting is an internet hosting service that manages and keeps tabs on all sent and received mails. If you have a domain name, it is therefore advisable to sign up for this service so as to smartly handle all communications between you and your clients conducted via email.

Having an email hosting service is of great importance to help your business be recognized across the globe. As an advertisement method, it lets public become aware of everything you want them to know about the products and services you’re offering. It’s your key to attend to all demands and feedback of your customers made through email, plus it provides a number of benefits ranging from virus protection to contacts management. That being said, you should definitely consider registering for an email hosting service firm.

There’s a wide array of email hosting service providers on the internet you could choose from. And what they only do is to confuse you which one of them you should really trust to be your business’ email server. However, finding the right one for you becomes easier these days since most email hosting service companies are now willing to offer free trials to gain consumers’ trust. And when you find a quality email server for your business, you’ll then be able to send over ten of thousands of emails every month.

Email hosting services can be either free or paid. And if you’re running a small or medium-sized business, it is not recommendable to make use of a free email hosting service since you’ll surely miss out on a lot of benefits that paid email hosting services have, such as having mailing lists, backups, auto-responders, and ability to attach large documents. One more thing that makes paid email hosting services much better than free ones is, you’ll have access to your email whenever you want and wherever you are just by using your phone or webmail to check emails from clients yourself.

If you have already chosen a web host for your business, you should know that most web hosting service providers offer email hosting as an additional service. And if your web host offers to function as your email server as well, just keep in mid that they’re more likely to provide you with virus protection and Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3), a standard protocol for receiving emails.

Capitalizing on an email hosting service leaves you nothing but countless benefits throughout your business enterprise. It is of huge help to both businessmen and buyers to have well-organized communications and transactions. And if you’ve planned on looking for an email server, make sure you gain and experience the following main benefits.

  1. Sufficient Storage Space. You’ll be sending thousands of mails each month, and it’s therefore necessary that your chosen email hosting service provider offers you enough storage space to archive each and every sent and received message.
  2. Maintenance and Management. Aside from addressing all emails accordingly, one of the prime jobs of your email server is to make sure that your email system is always updated with the latest version and support.
  3. Virus Protection. No one would like to be victimized by hackers and viruses surrounding the internet. Thus, make sure that your email server provides you with a high-quality virus protection to filter all messages coming into your email system.
  4. Mails Recovery. Most email hosting companies are capable of recovering any messages upon deletion or any network failure. They store every mail at their secure data center from which you could recover all your lost messages anytime you want.

Fortunately, there’s no any widely known drawback of utilizing an email hosting service. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of using a free or ad-supported email hosting service provider in the meantime, the drawback is that you might not be able to promote your products and services effectively since your storage space capacity is too limited and your email system is more susceptible to internet threats.

Now that you’ve already known how significant it is to take advantage of email hosting, you’re probably starting to think of trying out some email servers in your mind. All you have to do is consult everything you have learned in this write-up to guide you on your quest for the right email hosting service provider for your business.

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Justhost vs Webhostingbuzz and iPage for Your Hosting

Whether you have a new website you’d like to launch or you have an established one but are in search of new hosting, trying to sort through all the options can be overwhelming. Well, all web hosting companies are not created equal, and it’s important to find one that will offer you the best bang for your buck. Three choices that you’ve probably heard a lot about are Justhost, Webhostingbuzz, and iPage. This article breaks them down and compares their strengths and their weaknesses to show you which brand will serve you best.

  1. A little about each company

Justhost offers hosting for websites as well as the popular option of VPS hosting for those who need it. In addition to an enhanced cPanel that is simple to use, they offer site builders, domain registration, and quick setup at an affordable price.

Webhostingbuzz has built their reputation on providing reliability and a customer friendly attitude. With web hosting and VPS hosting, they also offer cloud based options and reseller options. They’ve also added dedicated server management to their mix, which is a plus.

iPage boasts unlimited storage and bandwidth, specializing in quality web hosting. In addition to their commitment to offering a solid core experience for users, they also dominate at providing marketing options for each user.

  1. Reviewing their reputations

Each one of these companies has a solid reputation in the business. Justhost is known for their professional approach that combines award-winning technology with easy-to-use products. Yet, when we compare Webhostingbuzz, we find that reviewers across the web praise their customer service time and time again. In customer polls, they rank with an almost flawless review. Turning to iPage’s reputation, we find that customers appreciate their straightforward approach that brings value to a set of core products, instead of trying to do any and everything.

  1. Product range, features, and quality

In reviewing these three providers, it’s important to note that they each excel in their own right and have some great options. For Justhost, they offer domain registration, e-commerce solutions, and site templates that ensure you have dedicated solutions to your hosting needs. They also feature multi-account management, which is a plus for their web hosting and VPS services. They also run specials that give users free Google and Bing advertising, which is great.

Now, Webhostingbuzz offers a wider product range, which is helpful for those really looking for options. But for their regular web hosting, they have the standard cPanel control, as well as PHP/MySQL support. One interesting feature is that their servers are all located in the United States and give nearly a 100% guarantee on up time. Though the others give uptime numbers, Webhostingbuzz remains at the top of the game. You can also get awesome technical support and customer service support at anytime throughout the year.

iPage, on the other hand, has a robust set of standard products that really go the mile in terms of features. Let’s start with their security suite, which comes with great SPAM protection and constant network scanning. Throw in their support suite which gives users access to some good tutorials and the promise that every support phone call will be answered within 2 minutes, and you’ve got a winning pitch. In addition to being a “green company,” where their servers are powered by 100% wind technology, they also have a marketing suite that is second-to-none and includes some amazing features for getting a site noticed.

  1. Pricing and our recommendations

Justhost’s basic services typically starts at $5.99 a month, but they often run deals bringing it down to as low as $2.50 a month, making it an attractive choice for many people given the price and level of professionalism. Webhostingbuzz comes in at $4.95 for their basic web hosting, and in our opinion, given the level of their support and uptime, it’s a good choice for the money. If you need that extra hand with your hosting, this may be your go-to option. iPage’s hosting is typically $9.99 a month, but they sometimes have promotions that are at a shocking $1.99 a month, making then our most affordable option. Once you throw in their service-rich marketing suite, this company is right for those looking to get their website in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

  1. Final considerations

In closing, we want to remind you that each of these companies is an affordable option for you hosting, but which one you go with with depend on your specific needs. Each one is popular for web hosting, and they each have their own unique selling points that should be considered carefully. Either way, now that we’ve cut through the thick of web hosting, you’ll be ready to get your site up and running in no time.

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How to do customer service via Facebook and Twitter?

Customer services is basically all the interaction that your company or business has with the customers. The main aim of customer service is to help customers with the problems that they may be facing when using your products or services. Customer service is very important for any business or company that wants to be successful. It will not only help you to improve your relationship with your customers, it will also help you to build a loyal customer base. In a very competitive market, you can easily be tempted to chase new business opportunities. However, if you want to boost revenue and keep your business profitable, you have to put a lot of focus on customer retention. Loyal customers will always come back.

Over the years Facebook and twitter have grown from being mere channels for socializing into powerful channels for customer service. These two social media platforms provide a cost effective way of interacting with the customers.

The pros of using Facebook and twitter for customer service:

  1. Social media customer service is less expensive

Customer service through Facebook and twitter is cheaper compared to other forms of customer service. This is because you don’t have to pay to be able to use social media to communicate with your customers. You will be able to send unlimited messages to your customers for free. Customer service through the phones forces you to pay huge phone bills every month. Social media can tremendously reduce the amount of money that you would have used if you were offering customer support through the phone lines alone only.

  1. There is a big audience on Facebook and twitter

Almost every one today is on Facebook and twitter. Almost all of your current and new customers are on these two social media platforms. This means that plenty of your customers will be comfortable and willing to interact with you through Facebook and twitter. Being on social media for the purpose of customer care provides you with a way addressing the needs of your customers more effectively.

  1. Provides platforms for fast interaction with customers

Customers are able to send their messages to you on Facebook and twitter almost instantaneously. You will also be able to send messages right back instantly. This allows you to have fast interaction with your customers. The faster you will be able to attend to your customers’ queries, the happier they will be with you. They will be loyal to your company because they know that their needs will always be addressed fast.

  1. They generate a lot of interaction

You will be able to interact with your customer more when you start using Facebook and twitter for customer support. This is because it is easier for a customer to send you messages on social media than picking up a phone to give you a call. More interaction means that you are going to have a better relationship. A better relationship will definitely lead to more transactions.

  1. Customer services through social media helps to make the customers loyal to your brand

Effective social media marketing will help to make your customers loyal to your business. This is because they know that they would be able to reach you easily when the have any problems with your service or products.

  1. Helps to attract new customers

Facebook and twitter allows other people who could potentially be you customers see how effectively you address issues and concerns raised by the customers. This can work for you positively or negatively depending on how you interact with your customers. If you have good interactions with the customers, or if you seem to address the needs of your customers promptly and effectively, you will attract a lot of new customers. People love business or companies that provide effective customer service.

The cons of Facebook and twitter for customer service:

  1. Its time consuming

Its time consuming for customer service agent to type answers to the people interacting with your business through the social media, especially if long technical answers are required.

  1. There are a lot of negative users on social media

There are a lot of people on Facebook and twitter who just want to waste your time. It’s difficult to differentiate genuine customers from the negative users.

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5 common causes of a huge website traffic drop

Every site’s biggest nightmare is a sudden overnight drop in traffic, with no obvious reason. The first thought that often comes to mind is that your site has been penalized by Google, thus losing its first page ranking. This can be the case, or the cause can be something else. Before you start panicking, check whether one of the following issues could have caused the drop.

  1. Search engine issues

A problem with your site’s search engine ranking is one of the most common causes of a huge website traffic drop. If a huge chunk of your visitors comes through search engine results, then you will experience a huge drop if your ranking is negatively affected.

There are many reasons why a site ranking can drop. The most common ones are:

  • Penalization. If you breach one of Google’s policies, e.g. duplicate content, you risk being penalized. This means having your site’s rank dropped without warning.
  • Poor SEO. Maintaining proper search engine optimization is essential in keeping your rank in the right place. Lack of SEO or a poor SEO strategy can cause a rapid drop in website traffic.
  • Algorithmic changes. After Google updates its search engine algorithms, there is usually uproar as numerous sites take a hit. New changes to search engine algorithms can impact your site’s ranking negatively.

Start by identifying the specific reason why your site ranking has been affected. If it is a penalization, Google will often notify you through Webmaster Tools. Poor SEO and algorithmic impact are much harder to diagnose and rectify.

  1. Website issues

The problem could also be with your website. For example, if your website is not mobile friendly, you are going to keep on losing huge numbers in terms of traffic. More and more people are going online through mobile devices.
You may also have an issue with site speed. This can either because by website design and features or a problem with the site’s host server. If the problem is on your site, check that things like pictures, animations and ads are not slowing down your website’s loading speed and thus turning away visitors. You may also want to check that visitors are not getting an error every time they try to access the website. There could be a server downtime you are not aware of.

  1. Content and quality issues

When talking about websites, it is often said that content is king. That is because it is. Content is the whole reason the internet exists. In creating and maintaining a website, having quality, useful and relevant content is a major priority.

Every now and then however, you might lose track of the kind of content you should be serving up to your visitors. If you post low quality content that is not relevant to them, your visitors will not come back. Within a short time, you will notice a drop in site traffic.

Poor quality content can also get you penalized by Google, which can then negatively impact your search engine ranking.

  1. Your competition is getting ahead of you

The fight between similar businesses for traffic is often tough. If you slack for even a moment, your competitors will scoop up most of your traffic. In other cases, they could simply be doing something great. For instance, if they have better SEO it means higher ranking for them and lower ranking for you. This automatically translates into lower traffic. They could also be doing better in social media and content marketing.

Experts recommend that you scout your competition every once in a while. Check out what techniques they are using and see if there is an area where you could get on par or even go ahead of them.

  1. A virus attack or hack

A hack attack on your website may not be so obvious. It can cause an increase in spammy links causing a lower search engine ranking. In other cases it can be huge and dramatic, causing visitors to turn away from your site. A virus attack can also cause a huge traffic drop. If your website is flagged as a security risk, you can expect lower traffic.

By implementing strict and effective security measures such as strong passwords, you can deter most hacking and virus attacks.

A drop in website traffic is bad news. It however does not mean the end of your website. If you are having trouble isolating the root problem, some expert help can get things back to normal. Remember to put preventive measures in place to avoid a repeat of the problem.

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