Justhost Ecommerce review with OScommerce shopping cart

Justhost is considered among the most affordable hosting services. It offers exceptional hosting packages at reasonable prices. The Justhost Ecommerce hosting service provides you with numerous hosting components for to set up and run your Ecommerce website. The company provides you with unlimited bandwidth, domains and disk space. This means, you can register unlimited number of domains under your account. Moreover, your websites won’t have any data or space transfer limitations. In case you want to start an Ecommerce website, this service will be a perfect choice.

Justhost Ecommerce Features

According to customers, Justhost Ecommerce offers all the features you want in a web hosting service. For instance, there are website creation tools, which allow you to build an excellent Ecommerce website, such as image galleries, message boards and more. Some other useful features offered by Justhost include:

  • SSL Secure Server
  • OSCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Agora Shopping Cart
  • Cube Cart Shopping Cart
  • Zen Cart Shopping Cart
  • Free Generated Certificate
  • Password Protected Directories

In addition to this, Justhost also offers every email option you need to run an efficient Ecommerce website, including unlimited IMAP or POP3 email addresses, unlimited Storage, webmail and more. You’ll also have access to forwarding, SMTP email, mailing lists, spam protection, auto-responders, aliases and more.

The service provides you with an excellent control panel. Thus, you can easily manage your Ecommerce website from an intuitive and centralized interface. The cPanel control panel provides you with easy access to website statistics. This allows you to see how the website performs and tracks the advertising credits.

In case you know how to code pages on the website, you can benefit from the company’s advanced features. They can allow you to take a hands-on technical approach to website hosting. You can create attractive product pages and custom cron jobs. In addition to this, you can also integrate videos about your products on the site. Justhost supports both Flash and JavaScript.

When it comes to server success, Justhost provides you with the option to create unlimited FTP accounts. This allows your employees to access the website. It can also help you keep up with the rapid and unpredictable growth most Ecommerce websites experience. The company also offers secure shell access. This is a network protocol, which allows data to be exchanged with a secure channel .In simple terms, it’s a safe and secure way to remotely connect to another computer.

Since Ecommerce website hosting is complicated and technical, it comes with a slight learning curve. According to most customers, using Justhost is seamless. In fact, it’s easier than most web hosting services available in the market. With the site builder tool, you can build an exceptional Ecommerce website. Moreover, you also enjoy excellent hosting capabilities. The ease of use is mainly due to the control panel. It provides you with easy access to all the features. The company’s official website is also very easy to navigate.

The best part about the company is that it offers excellent customer support. You can contact the company’s representatives through different communication channels, including email, live chat and phone. When you experience a problem, you can contact the customer care representatives to get everything answered promptly. In fact, the staff members even give prompt solutions during peak hours.

The chat and email options are also very responsive. You will always receive informative and immediate answers to all the questions. This is extremely important for Ecommerce websites. When you experience a problem with the website, Justhost will always be available to offer immediate help.

Besides one-on-one support from the company, you also receive multiple support sources, including video tutorials, knowledge base, user forums and more. It’s worth mentioning that Justhost Ecommerce is one of the few services that offer a getting started wizard. This wizard is very useful for beginners and new users. It helps you understand every aspect of the service. With the wizard, you can easily understand how to create and set up your Ecommerce website.

Justhost SSL certificate for Ecommerce website

Get free wildcard SSL certificate here and they have been offering cheap SSL cert for many years and we have checked on them before. For this year 2014, they make it even better and start offering free SSL certificate for enterprise user that require wildcard SSL to protect all 1st level sub-domains. This security product come with free $10,000 insurance and you can safely use this encryption technology on your website.

Justhost wildcard SSL cert for free

It’s important to understand that Justhost is a relatively new web hosting service. However, the company has still managed to offer exceptional services at reasonable prices. The company’s responsive and stellar customer support with exceptional hosting packages have allowed it to build a strong reputation in the market.