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This Justhost review website is hosted. Whenever we search online for their web hosting reviews or any other verdicts, we will get lots of false claims from unconfirmed source. Probably over 90% of this info are not based on actual experience and the editor who wrote it is not having experience or ever use the products. That is what pioneer our very first hosted web hosting review site and our actual experience helps to revealed lots more secrets about them. We invite existing customers to take part in this program by submitting their own user reviews. In here, we also have a few Justhost coupons for discount and saving. Do not signup yet until you read our full report.

$2.95 special offer

Is Justhost any good? The company has been providing services since 1998 and is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). The group also owns several other web hosting service providers. It has cut a niche for its self as a leader in the world of hosting especially for bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses who can do with inexpensive hosting plans.

The most basic plan do not offer unlimited storage space and sub domains, but customers enjoy unlimited data transfer. If your website is attracting huge traffic and outgrowing the server on which it sits, you can upgrade. There’s a choice of two plans which offer fewer limits, higher resource allotments and numerous other features.

Justhost review on shared hosting. They are now offering 3 shared hosting plans; Basic Starter plan, Plus plan and Business Pro plan. Here’s a look at each of them.

  • Basic plan, which costs $5.99 a month, offers many features including 100 GB storage, 100 email accounts and unlimited data transfers. You also enjoy basic Site Backup and 1year free domain hosting. Due to the limits on storage and email accounts, this plan may not be ideal for large websites.
  • Plus plan costs $9.99 per month and includes additional features such as unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts and domain hosting.
  • Business Pro plan costs $19.99 per month and gives you all the features in Plus plan as well as free domain registration, free SSL certificate, and Pro Site Backup .This plan comes with a 1-year commitment.

The basic starter hosting plan gives users complete control over their website via cPanel which is the market standard when it comes to website control panel. The layout is simple and clean. You have the option of creating a website using the company’s own website builder or using WordPress, Drupal or other best known content management systems.

The process of creating a website is easy. Once you click on the publish button, your site will be live within a matter of minutes. If you need to use your credit card, you can easily and securely do so over a SSL (secure socket layer). They also offer advertising credits which can help get your site’s name out there.

Justhost review on VPS hosting. For website owners who feel that shared hosting isn’t good enough for their needs, they can choose from one of the four VPS hosting plans that they are offering. These include root access, enhanced control panel, managed services and guaranteed server resources. Prices for this hosting option range between $29.99 and $119 per month with variations in disk space, bandwidth and storage.

Justhost review on dedicated servers. Their dedicated hosting packages start at $119.99 per month and servers can have as high as 1 TB space storage, 16 GB RAM and 15 TB monthly data which are market standards. In fact, the data allotment per month tops data offerings from a handful of web hosting companies.

Unfortunately, the company offers Linux based dedicated servers only so individuals and companies who prefer Windows based servers may want to look at other options. There’s a good side to this fact, you can host as many domains as you’d like, a feature that’s typically available with dedicated hosting space.

Justhost review on data center. The company has a world class data center which sits in Chicago in the U.S and hosts more than 2,000 dedicated servers for shared as well as dedicated clients. It is equipped with high performance processor servers and supplied with UPS power backup generator to ensure the hosting site is secure and reliable. In addition, it uses 10 GB Ethernet connections which provides for fast data transfers.

They claim that the centre is constantly monitored by a team of four technicians .It has also put up an advance monitoring solution which can send automatic alerts to technical specialists about potential problems. This in turn ensures a quick solution.

The web hosting company claims to guarantee 99.9% uptime, just like most web hosting companies out there. They promise to do everything possible so that your website is always available for your readers and customers.

Justhost review on customer support. The web hosting company offers 24/7 phone support but you can also reach the support team via live chat as well as email. It has a help center that features articles to help you with a range of topics such as creating a website, setting up email account, using a secure shell (SSH) access and changing the primary domain. There are also video tutorials that provide a simple way for one to familiarize themselves with various tasks such as managing email accounts, installing WordPress and redirecting web pages.

The company offers SSL and SSH (some of the common forms of website security) in its start hosting plan. It promises its client a secure hosting environment. It claims to use advanced protection against possible threats with the latest software releases and reliable security patches.

Moreover, it backs up its own servers and users can access the backups at anytime should anything go wrong. All you need is to contact the tech support and you’ll have access to them. Customers are also strongly urged to have their backups. On the downside, they do not offer daily sever backups; it offers weekly backups.

Justhost review on money-back guarantee. Like most web hosts, they claim to offer its customers money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the plan or available features, you can cancel your account at anytime and receive a refund for the remaining period on your hosting plan. They also promise to give back all setup fees and domain registration fees.

They strives to meet the hosting needs of different customers and offers great features even for the bargain priced plan. The customer support is also excellent and you have a range of hosting plans to choose from. However, it seems limited than other web hosts offering numerous unlimited features. These are factors one should weigh to determine if this is the right provider for their website and needs.

Justhost reviews on average user rating. Overall user rating is now 4.9 out of 5. In recent years, their products are greatly improved and continuously introducing more upgrades. We have been using their service for many years and besides great products, the quality is superior and with highest rating too. We have experience using their shared and reseller hosting, and we are most impressed by their cPanel shared hosting. This is one of the best cPanel plan and we have compared them with most other top web hosting company products and its clear this is one of the best.

With this web hosting review website hosted with them, we are checking their price, feature and quality in here. The actual experience is helping us to rate them correctly and we know this require some mathematical tool to get this right. We are using the following rating system to give a score to each checking criteria and find its overall rating at the end. Here are our ratings:


Justhost user reviews and customer testimonials.

Some of our website visitor choose to share their web hosting experience and send us their own review. Following are some of the verified customer testimonial that we have received over the years.

Shailesh, “This is my favorite web hosting solution. Their tech support is very fast. I a planning to upgrade my to dedicated server one day. I will recommend them to all webmasters. Before I forget, their support is one of the greatest too.”

Lukasz, “After many issues with my previous provider, I decided to move to here as I needed more space, hosting unlimited domains and importantly SQL databases. It was the cheapest website hosting I have ever found and after a month, I can strongly recommend it to everyone. I am extremely happy that I can receive help via chat straight away, without waiting ages for a reply. In addition, cPanel is fully operational; I don’t have to spent time on configuring databases, installing WordPress. Everything is done automatically, which I love.

Ryan, “I’ve always used this, great service and great prices. I am always happy at here. There is no need for any other web hosting plan and I can host all websites in here. Few years went by and my website is still running smoothly and without major downtime or server error. This is lovely and it really works out well.”

Allen, “I have been with them for about a year and some change. I love their technical support and customer care. I have had 0 down time with my site and they are the cheapest hosting solution I have found on the web. I have referred many people over and earned $60 per referral. This has made it where I have got mine for free and have made money.”

Remi, “I started about two days ago, but I am already charmed… a very good and complete cPanel. Thank to simple scripts, I got WordPress installed literally in two minutes. I have not tested yet the customer service, but if everything goes this way, I might no contact them for a long time… you only need them if there is something going wrong, and for the moment everything is flowing. To conclude: a good product for a reasonable price.”

Katie, “I went with them because they seemed to be a good company, and they had a very reasonable price. I have been very happy with the service I have received from them. The control panel has lots of great stuff to look at, and use for your website. It is fun to look through.”

Mark, “I’ve been using this for about a year now, having previously moved from GoDaddy. I’ve found their servers to be much quicker and the same website loads in about half the time. The control panel is capable which is good and fully featured. There are more features here, though GoDaddys UI for the control panel and open source apps is nicer. I’ve always found the technical support to be amazing, they are quick to respond, efficient at doing what they say and actually read and action the full request, basically everything you’d expect from high quality service. I’ll certainly be renewing when my 2 year discounted shared hosting plan expires. Prices are also worthy of a mention, one of the best deals I could find… And I tend to look very hard for money saving ideas.”

Manoj, “I am much impressed with the features. I had an idea to start my own website to earn money by providing SEO services. But I didn’t know how to develop a website. Then one of my friends told me about this. I bought hosting from them and I was amazed to see a huge collection of useful scripts and website building software. There I found a website builder with 1000’s of nice looking website templates. I opted for that and started creating my website. Its step by step interface was superb. Within one and half hour, I completed my website and now I am running an SEO website apart from my job and I am earning handsome part time money.”

Paddy, “I have been register with them and I have excellent experience with their team as most of the hosting provider has a problem with bandwidth but at here I never had a problem with specially bandwidth, I really appreciate this.”

Jimesh, “I had an account here and I have a great experience with the support team is always ready for support. I will recommend all of you to signup today. Their cPanel hosting package is really cheap and I am paying less by choosing them. If I have chosen other more expensive web hosts, that will easily cost me double or triple in signup cost alone.”

Nishant, “My experience here is something different. I was with the idea to begin with a classified website and the budget was 1500 dollars, so for the same I started looking for several classifieds developing companies, but all them exceeded my budget. And then suddenly one of my friends told me about their offering several powerful scripts and I purchased the hosting account from the company. I was really amused after looking at the collection of numerous powerful scripts. I found there a classified script which was free of cost for clients and it took hardly 5 minutes to install and configure. And within no time I received fully functional classified website. Thanks for saving all my money and time.”

Vineet, “My website is hosted with them and I definitely get more than what I was looking for. Whenever I found myself in trouble then support team is always there to help me. I also like the large selection of content management systems they are offering. Thank you.”

Emmanuel, “They brought ease and versatility to me after an experience with a host that was very restrictive with the things that you could do with your website. The price is very reasonable and the staff is prompt and thorough. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a website hosting.”

Charles, “I really appreciate their customer service and they are pretty good, and I have not had to wait really long times when I do call in. I really like the control panel because it makes it easy for a person that may not be very technical. Overall so far I have had a pleasant experience here.”

Hakim, “I have been using this and got a few domains hosted. They are offering absolutely reasonable price and offering good customer service. When I used the live chat, normally I have to wait less than 2 minutes and this is a good benchmark. Highly recommended and I hope they will sustain their good track record.”

Andri, “After trying for 3 months for the first account, finally I purchase the second time for my another domain. They are not only gives you the unlimited space but also I don’t have any problem with bandwidth. Bravo and 2 thumbs up for your hosting. It is cheap and reliable.”

Jim, “Good: They are very good with uptime and reliability. Bad: When it comes to customer service they are woefully lacking in their ability to take care of the client. I asked for advanced notification of invoices due, they could not provide it. I asked for advanced notification of payments taken out of account, they couldn’t provide it. They continually quote their Terms and Conditions instead of listening to a client concerns. When reviewing my next invoice I noticed a significant price increase (28%, going from $41.70 to $53.70) that was not communicated in advance. A 28% price increase is not something that you do not notify a customer of before the invoice hits. Again, they hide behind their Terms and Conditions instead of letting them know via an easily sent email that there was an unreasonable price increase approaching. As a result, I cancelled and moved my entire web hosting to another server. Like I said, their reliability is great, but they could use a little more finesse when it comes to communication.”

Himanshu, “This is my first hosting experience and I think it is the best. 24/7 customer support is the thing I like the most. They solve the issue in a matter of time. Great discounts with exceptional service are what I was looking for six months before. And I Got that. The Google Adsense, Facebook credits I got were amazing. The control panel is like a child’s play.”

Chin, “I registered not long ago, and boy, I was very satisfied. I tried with different hosts before, some were good, some had bad control panels, and some had bad technical service. Well, they have them all. The price is cheap, but you get the best out of it. If you have to go for a paid hosting, get this. I promise it won’t let you down.”

Steve, “I have been with them for over a year and now have 3 domains registered. I have not had a problem with emails or my hosting package. The odd occasion my sites have gone down it has been for a few seconds. I have sites that send me uptime information and I am at around 99% which is great for a company that seems to be slagged off a lot on another site. My newest site has been online for 3 months with over 24000 visitors and I have never had my site suspended or locked out for receiving to many hits in a day, which has been said by other people on other sites. I have used there online ticket support service and always received a timely reply with excellent answers to my problems and any issues (not so much issues but my lack of thorough knowledge and needed assistance) resolved quickly. At present I have no issue or any need to move to another provider. I would recommend this as they are good to deal with as well as having a cost effect hosting package. Once I have established a sustainable income I would have no issue in upgrading, as I have complete trust in this company. My first site I set up has changed to maintenance as I am changing my direction. My second site has many pages and images, and there never seems to be a slow load issue which is always good to rely on, as you can feel comfortable that your readers/buyers etc are going to be able to navigate around your sites easily.”

Jon, “Having spent time with other providers and having had bad experiences, it was with poor expectations that I tried out their service. My expectations however were completely blown out of the water. This without doubt, is the best provider I have ever dealt with in years of web experience. Not only are the packages far beyond what other companies offer, not only that their bandwidth and uptime beyond limit but their customer service is second to none. Every single problem I have ever had with a site hosted by them has been answered within minutes and the problem resolved. Sometimes even with the help guys patiently explaining problems that are to do with external products, such as Drupal or Joomla, which are nothing to do with servers. These guys are superb and, having used them, I feel confident to say that I will not look elsewhere. More importantly, I know that I can recommend them to a friend without hesitation. You’ve completely changed my outlook on what a hosting provider does.”

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Justhost review and coupon by Eric Grispos

Justhost is one of the best web hosting services. They are popular among businesses due to their safety, features and reliable performance. The outstanding reliability provided by the products of this hosting service is at a very reasonable cost of just $3.99 per month. They have developed the best professionals of the web hosting industry. In order to get more information in this regard you should go through the JustHost review provided in this write-up.

The encouragement given to the small businesses and bloggers to host the websites of their choice has made JustHost the leader of inexpensive web hosting services. Unlimited access to FTP, SFTP and MySql databases, unlimited bandwidth and disk space are the standard features. It also support various scripting languages like Perls, CGI and PHP etc. All these are some of the main features of this easy-to-use hosting service.

Working of JustHost

Like other web hosting service providers JustHost allows its users to choose a domain name to set their website on internet. You can also choose a domain even if the available options at this hosting platform are not as per your requirement. You can also use its easy flowing online account to design a cleaner and latest interface easily even if it is considered as the cheapest web host in the market. You can also control your website with the help of its control panel, cPanel, by using its icon-based buttons and spontaneously formatted and categorised menus for managing the functionalities of the website.

Features offered by JustHost

Along with various hosting plans JustHost offers a number of surprising features including unlimited disk space, data transfer, email account, database and unlimited website hosting. It has become one of the best web hosting services in the market due to these features. Certain additional benefits offered by JustHost include free easy to use Drag-and-Drop feature, on click installation of shopping cart like SSL Secure Server and use of OS Commerce Shopping Cart and Zen Cart for the e-commerce account of the site builders. Its video streaming and MIDI Files can also be used as marketing tools for gaining visitors for listing your website on search engines.

Plans and prices of JustHost

According to this JustHost review, unlike other web hosting services JustHost offers its services for shared hosting at a single affordable plan of $3.95 per month. The JustHost coupons offered by the company can reduce its per month cost to $3.50 per month, if you buy it for two years. If you buy it for three years this usage cost can also be reduced to $2.75 per month through JustHost coupons. For the professional users JustHost also offers a Pro plan at the rate of $14.95 per month for three years subscription. Thus JustHost offers much affordable plans for its users as compared to its competitors. They reduce the cost of web hosting very impressively by offering 10-75% discounts to their customers through JustHost coupons.

Uptime surety

The uptime of JustHost web hosting service as per the standards of web hosting market i.e. 99.9%. On the basis of its standard uptime, JusHost is considered as one of the most reliable hosting services these days.

Customer service

The customers of JustHost can contact its customer care professionals through live chat and phone to resolve their problems. They can also go through FAQs and knowledge based tutorials to get answers of their queries.

E-commerce services of JustHost

The shared hosting platform of JustHost also makes it one of the best e-commerce service providers. Some of the ecommerce hosting features offered by your JustHost account may include Password Protected Directories, self-signed SSL, SSL Secure Serve, Merchant Account Support, Free Generated Certificate, PayPal support and Open PGP/GPG Encryption. The annual cost of getting JustHost SSL Certificate is $69.95 whereas $19.95 is the annual cost of getting a dedicated IP address from JustHost. In order to make your e-shopping easier JustHost allows you to use any of the ecommerce shopping carts available online including Agora Shopping Cart, CubeCart and Zen cart, etc.

Thus, after going through JustHost review provided in this write-up you can easily conclude that JustHost is really an affordable web hosting service provider with a very quickly responding customer support and a number of features. JustHost has gained top position in online hosting market due to all the benefits it offers to its users including individuals and small businesses.

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Justhost review and coupon by Steve Wickers

JustHost is the web hosting company that is much popular for offering the cheap, usable unlimited resources and also reliable. This is the web hosting company that is backed by the JustHost which is dedicated by the world class data center which is invested with about 8 million USD that has got 10,000 servers and also 500 employees. This is serving for than million customers who are there over the web and also takes the web hosting market of large piece for both small as well as personal businesses. There are chances for the individuals to easily make use of this web hosting for their business needs without any kind of issues. Web hosting plan from JustHost is one such kind of the plan that has got so many features in it which include the search credits, free domain names, adwords credits and also advertising credits from Facebook. JustHost is one such kind of the popular web hosting company that provides with the uptime of about 99.9 percentage.

Products & Price

Starter plan is the basic plan available which has got the cost of $2.95 dollars for the first term and then you need to pay between $5.99 to $7.99 dollars every month. The plus is the next plan which may cost about 2.95 dollars every month in the first month and then something between $9.49 to $14.99 dollars per month. The pro is the most advanced kind of the plan for which you need to pay about $2.95 dollars every month during first term and then something between $19.99 to $24.99 dollars every month.


JustHost is the web hosting company that provides with world class data center owned by it which can utilize the 5 figure lines that are brought directly to building along with internet bandwidth which can exceed to about 7500 Mbits. This is the web hosting company which is confident enough in making the websites that it host to run faster without any kinds of interruptions. Team which comprises of technicians can easily address any kinds of issues immediately before it actually turns serious. The Ethernet connections of 10 gigabit also ensure that the data of the customers are transferred at a speed that is really high.


JustHost is the web hosting company which claims to provide uptime to about 99.9 percentage. It also exerts in providing customer with the uptime that is satisfying so that they can easily get the websites run with greater stability and also success. As per the monitoring that is done in last year the company has really done much better than what they have guaranteed. They could provide the uptime which is about 99.5 percentage in whole period of monitoring. The hosting environment provided by the company is also reliable.

Control Panel

The control panel of the web hosting company is really the latest one with simple scripts included in that. It is something which is really user-friendly so that you can manage everything from the hosting accounts, server and also the simple scripts. There is no need for getting the software downloaded manually for the creation of the databases and also for configuring server. It is really much time saving for using the tool. It can be considered as finest solution for the beginners who do not have much experience in the process of installation. JustHost reviews say that it is the web hosting company that is really there in the forefront for providing all the kinds of features more than what the users need to expect. It is always necessary for you to choose the kind so that you can find the best solution.

Technical Support

JustHost is the web hosting company that requests for support and make things much easily available. JustHost is the web hosting company which provides customer service for 24×7 that is 100 percentage through knowledgebase, ticket system,email, live chat and also toll free telephone. JustHost reviews talk much about the kinds of the various situations when the technical support has become something awesome.

Justhost Coupons

It is possible for you to avail the Justhost coupon from the official website. It is a good and also awesome way through which you can make use of that to ensure that you can easily use that for getting the plans in much better discounts.

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